TURBOVULVA (recorded in 1999) this demo along with a few others was specifically recorded to lure a drummer into the fold. soon after i realized i hated almost every drummer i had ever met & proceeded down an (even more) electronic route to eliminate that position completely BUT.....this is another track that i wish i would have put the real drums on as well even if they were shitty. a couple weeks later i went back & recorded Plasma Saves as an intro to this i.e. they should be connected.

PINK SOCK (recorded in 2002) such beautiful chaos. one i wish i would have taken more time on & perhaps completed with live drums. the feedback in the chorus (with the lyric "and i don't want you to go...") was from the headphones which we captured on purpose. always liked the bass on this. if you're not familiar with what a pink sock is check Urban Dictionary although i will add that it was not meant literally just as a metaphor for what i think of most of the world outside.

LULU'S PANACEA (recorded in 1999) the same day as Two-Ply Bind (from the Spank EP). Garland Dru plays bass.

PLASMA SAVES (recorded in 1999) originally this was the intro to Turbovulva (the original demo).  the music consisted of just a couple acoustic guitar tracks.  the ringing is from an alternate tuning that i used to create that effect.  recorded at the old Studio 11 in the last structural remnant of the old Playboy Building.  Garland Dru plays bass.


FUCK PISTON (recorded in 2002) the same day as Flavors For Troglodytes, Livid About Lingerie, Ma Bessie, & Feminize Me.

FLAVORS FOR TROGLODYTES (recorded in 2002) the same day as Fuck Piston, Livid About Lingerie, Ma Bessie, & Feminize Me.

SLUMISMS: CHILD SWAPPING (recorded in 1999) another track off of that same demo with Turbovulva, Plasma Saves, Lulu's Panacea, & Two-Ply Bind. the guy sampled in the chorus is from a rare news reel record from the late (?) 60's. i seem to remember that it came from Paul's (Egostatic) vinyl collection.  Garland Dru plays bass.

LIVID ABOUT LINGERIE (recorded in 2002) the same day as Fuck Piston, Flavors For Troglodytes, Ma Bessie, & Feminize Me.

A HORSE WITH NO NAME (recorded in 2006) i recently did the Nom De Plume EP of covers but in 2006 i had never done many of them. this was an attempt to see what would happen when i took a song out of another "context" & placed it within mine. i recorded this in denver so i think all i had with me was a laptop, guitar, & some cheap microphone. also: i've always been fascinated with the "normal" because often times it's WAY more freaky than freak could EVER be. just stare at one of those blank-glare fake-smile family photos hanging on the typical American household wall & that's what i thought America's (the band) version of this song was like. Normal people in the 70s probably thought it was some safe little tune but underneath it all i sensed some evil. trust me i heard it on acid once & it was NOT pretty (haha but true).

RUBBER FETISH (recorded in winter 2002) the vocals of this track were recorded in a (FUCKING FRIGID) pita joint on West Addison (Chicago) that had gone out of business. they were recorded there because Studio 11 was in the process of moving out of the old location on Superior to the location where it now resides. this track is laced with a few Pink Floyd - Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn samples you might recognize. i had just bought the (shitty) drum machine at a garage sale.....pretty sure that was the only time i ever used it but i just HAD to have that fucking hand-clap sound.  Garland Dru plays bass.

ALL FOR GUN (recorded in 2007) part of the same demos i described in the story behind TTS 80 (below).

TTS 80 (recorded in 2007) this is one of a bunch of demos i recorded in late 2006 early 2007 during my down time (there was PLENTY of it) at Warner Brothers. i was spending the bulk of my time (12-14 hour days) working on television & movies & spending less time in a music studio but i still had my laptop on the studio lot. i was writing & writing & really excited about this time period & then right in the middle of it there was a death in the Strap-On Sweetie family which soured the whole experience for at least the rest of that year or so.  but one afternoon break we raced back to my Hollywood Apt., warned my neighbors that we were going to rattle that fucker for a few minutes, got stoned as we usually did at lunch,  and recorded this live in one take (with a 2nd vocal overdubbed right after) and it was in the can so to speak.  it's one of those good memories yet still a blur.  the lyric "little Fay Wray" is a reference to the King Kong poster that was above my recording desk.

MOMMIE SAID (recorded in 2007) same as TTS 80 & All For Gun.

NOT YOUR BABYDOLL (recorded in 2006) this is one i should DEFINITELY re-record. i always have a bunch of unused demos because that's the way i write. i don't pick up a guitar & sit at the end of my my bed & strum away for the fuck of it......i want to hear it with other parts & since i don't play (or need to play) with other people that's the way i do it. something like this was probably written & recorded in about a 1/2 hour. this was from around the same time as when i wrote Asa Nisi Masa (check the STRAP-ON SWEETIE page in the menu above).

LEMMINGS TO DWELL (2006) this is an excerpt i found. this was done the same day as the initial Strap-On Sweetie Asa Nisi Masa demo i recorded in my apt in Hollywood with a laptop, a guitar & pedal, a cheap mic, & little else. the completed track should have ended up on the 1st Sweetie disc but...... you might have heard this on MySpace back in the day.

TELL THE CHILDREN (2007) recorded in Hollywood in a building called La Paz where Greta Garbo & old Hollywood stars used to stay many many years ago.  the chorus in this is a variation of the track My Everything from the Der Schnitt EP.

SECRET HANDSHAKE SOCIETY (2006) recorded in unfashionable East Hollywood over in Bukowski Bela Lugosi land during a very very hot summer.


FELLATIO FERMOSA (2006) same as Secret Handshake Society.


HONG KONG MOTILE (2006) recorded around Halloween in Denver.  there's a picture circulating of me with blonde hair spiked into a horn in the front & i'm wearing a white fur on an antique couch with the pink glow of the bulb to the right.   that's the place.

SPARRING WITH DADDY (2006) same as Secret Handshake Society.







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