Pseudo-positivity & its "modern" purveyors

I'm REALLY sick of pseudo-positivity & its "modern" purveyors.

It's easy, cheap, predictable, tired, cliche, and a dozen other words.

Of course if you're one of those people who find this come-lately approach to groveling for attention on the internet…

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"Homeland is racist". CNN's very own Spin Zone.

         the original article is ====> HERE.

I'm NEVER monitoring CNN for the "news".  i'm always looking for what they are or might be spinning & i check it daily especially since they're the defacto FOX News equivalent for those… Read more

The United Snakes of America

i swore after 2004 when Bush won his 2nd term i would never again vote in this political cesspool....these United Snakes of America as Ms. Nina Simone referred to them before fleeing the country pretty much for good.

and i…

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