Martin Sheen: Heart of Darkness Heart of Gold

written by Jean Vallely for Rolling Stone magazine (November 1st 1979)

Shit," says Martin Sheen as the makeup man fusses over him, "I've got this deformed left arm, three inches shorter than the right, can't do a thing with it…

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Stagger Lee Was A Woman by Lester Bangs

(from Creem Magazine - February 1976)

Patti Smith will survive the media blitz and everybody’s hunger for another "superstar," because she’s an artist in a way that’s right old-fashioned; Horses lunges with raw urgency, but her approach is very methodical…

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Livin' Out of a Suitcase and #Calexit

livin' out of a suitcase is a concept shamefully foreign to most.  it's more of a rounded concept than most caught in the simple mindset would wish to categorize it.  i don't have the answers but have some insight.


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