ON A POSITIVE NOTE: so many of our American neighbors are probably no more clueless, ignorant, and uneducated than they have always been. we just have the internet (and especially Facebook) to put it on full display all day every day now.  it's not worse as some think it is. it's just the same bad it has always been.

after all: those idiots from the 60s 70s 80s & 90s did not have broadband or "smart" phones and like-minded drones playing their versions of sitting at the same high school lunchroom table each and every day with the same people spewing the same collection of patting-themselves-on-the-back nonsense.

we just call that a "friends list" or a "like" button now.

same difference.


if you just look around the room you'll see all the familiar faces.  

there's the people-pleasing white chick with a fake smile & "positive" spin for everything.  she'll be there to point out the European dating system on your conspiracy theory proves it's impossible because it didn't even happen yet.

i'll tip my red plastic Solo cup to that.

there's the ex-jock moron who sat with her who she always dreamed would one day marry her and affirm her endless drivel while footing the bill.  at least they'll slide in a few stories of past glory and a picture or twelve to prove they were not always fat, boring, unwanted, debt ridden, baby breeding worker bees.

(but) they should probably stick that flavorless chewed up greatest country on earth gum under the table where it belongs before they dig into their genetically modified vittles that have served their Buffalo Wild Wing waistlines so well.

there's the ex-knucklehead leader of the burnouts and his/her minions of lost little puppies who play the obedient sidekicks in their endless versions of Kibbles 'n Bits commercials.  their social and political soliloquies will forever retain the stink of the high school washroom.  hopefully the rest of us can muster a figurative version of those pink urinal mints to mask the scent of their mental Metallica/Slayer jean jackets that bond with cigarette smoke (and mirrors) as a mother in the jungle would with her young.

there's the funny guys and gals.  just like their come-lately sister in arms Melissa McCarthy they still have a joke for everything.  problem is after they come down from on top of the tables and their witty routines have ended they're still the same guys and gals who needed all that as a crutch to begin with.  all these years later nothing has changed.  besides there's nothing funny about U.S. history anyway right ??

there's the sluts with their new pictures every day.  actually thank GAWD we have the sluts.  if we're going to be this fucking stupid at least they keep it sexy !!!!! 

and let's not forget who made up most of the rest of the lunchroom = all those (mostly) nameless and faceless chumps who blow "go with the flow" like good little hookers out on the track.  they make sure all statistical "proof" of how the American public feels at any moment in time always gets a nice big shot of mediocre steroids.

God Bless them all.

let's join hands around the Facebook campfire and send out some of those "prayers" (that require no real work) they all seem to love so much.

i mean: where would we be without all these heroes ?????









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