i originally wrote this for the A.C.L.U. website but i didn't want to be stuck in 100% politically correct language so i'll put it here:  my house my rules

find this (*) towards the bottom if you just want to watch the movie intead of read the book

Obama claims he'll veto the National Defense Authorization Act because it's an election year but watch him sign it "quietly" anyway.

i particularly like the word "defense"....defense of what ????


"civil disobedience" & voting is not going to stop any of this. (i make this next statement not directed at the A.C.L.U. because i have in fact raised money for it for many years but i mean this in general) i think that i have run into no greater irony in my entire adult life than seeing such a large group of (well-meaning) citizens of a country built on revolution, war, & the dollar think they are going to uproot it with anything but the same. it's no different than a boxer who gets in a ring & thinks he's going to win by throwing no punches because he's SO smart or such a "good" person. never forget what THIS game is really about. if you do not want to play it DO NOT PLAY IT.  give me someone who cites Gandhi & a story about salt & i'll give you a fool. i state that not to be combative or haughty or any of the sort. i say it because i care about this country. i've recently started describing this subject like a mother talking to her troubled daughter. "i do not hate you America. i love you very much actually. what i HATE is your behavior."

(BUT) i still need to know why she's so inclined to be that way.

look up the history of the last 100+ years of Eugenics in this country. find out where Hilter REALLY got his inspiration for Mein Kampf as well as all of his Eugenics-based laws. look up Madison Grant's book The Passing of the Great Race. discover what it meant to Hitler. know about the "fan" letter he wrote to Grant about how his book was his "bible".  while we're on the subject of "fans" make sure you know all about Hitler's "fans" like Granddaddy Prescott Bush, Rockefeller, Carnegie, & all the others.  Don't forget about Thomas J. Watson a staunch admirer of Hitler's who also owned I.B.M. & sold the Nazis the machines to keep a prisoner count...ya know like 1 for good worker 2 for bad 3 for gassed 4 for shot in the head 5 for joy division....as well as serviced those machines at the concentration camps. Those tattoos that survivors had = I.B.M. identification numbers. I.B.M. had used those same Hollerith punch card numbers in a Jamaican race crossing (or mix) study in 1928. it's a fingerprint of guilt.  always keep in mind the 1st computers were invented by a Eugenicist for Eugenics.  other "fans" include U.S. Eugenicists Laughlin, Davenport, & Gothe who went to Germany to help Hitler "fine tune" what he was doing to the Jews, the handicapped, & anyone else deemed socially inadequate. when you walk down the beverage aisle of your local grocery store see the Fanta on the shelves which was specifically created so that Coca-Cola could profit in Nazi Germany without ruining its "good" name as well as use Hitler's slave labor to boost the bottom line.  realize how "tyranny" & "scientific rationale" have historically been shown to be compatible bedmates for elitist propaganda & how it fits perfectly into control of a monetary system. look up the LEGAL definition of "income" as used in the 16th Ammendment & figure out how you have been paying an illegal income tax that does nothing but pay off the interest on our loan from the Federal Reserve and leaves us with trillions of dollars of debt from the money that disappears and the associated waste . know why your government thought it would be a GREAT idea to take out that loan & pay interest in the 1st place instead of skipping that & printing its own money. look up the Grace Commission & see for yourself. read their words. see where that "income" tax goes. know the long list of other legal taxes that pay for all the things many assume are paid for by a government that is dipping its hands in your pocket before you even have YOUR paycheck in YOUR hands. if you foolishly think "they need that income tax money to function" ask yourself how they made all of that happen from 1776-1912 before this new Federal Reserve "system" set up by the wealthiest private bankers ???  read how the Supreme Court has ruled that WAGE is your private property & how it believes that a government taking any of it is a totalitarian act....that that is NOT democracy & it never has been or will be no matter what anyone taught you or tried to sell you including yourself.  discover why you have been taught/trained to incorrectly use the word "income" instead of the proper word WAGE so that you read that 16th Ammendment about CORPORATE INCOME & think it's about you.  ask yourself why you probably do not know that that tax is COMPLETELY voluntary to any WAGE-earner & absolutely not required in any context of the actual law no matter what ANYONE tells you.  these are the facts.  many never even bother to ask why they pay it.  they just pay it & never ask WHAT AM I GETTING FOR THIS financial "duty" of the so-called good citizen ???  if you can't come up with an answer we move to if you work hard so that your government can take money out of that to pay the vig on a loan to a bunch of mobsters straight out of a bad Godfather story then WHY PAY IT ??? listen to the nonsense of the "others" who pay up to 40% or more of their total wages to all of those taxes & fees & tickets & surcharges when all is said & done, do nothing about it but all of a sudden have the biggest mouth on the block if anyone dares to mention the word SOCIALISM because some group of mentally impotent retards taught them to do so. find out why the dollar is actually worth about 4 cents now.  travel outside of the U.S. & find the places that have stopped exchanging for that deliberately devalued dollar (most give up the bulk of their time for) because it is literally worthless to them. in other words hit this from all sides. the only true positive that can come from having to take the time to combat something as dangerous as the National Defense Authorization Act is that it furthers the discussion & perhaps a few people from this commentary will go off & find things they did not know about & learn how it all ties into the big picture....including me.

The National Defense Authorization Act is about all this & more.  Occupy is about all this & more.  The debt you were encouraged to take on as if it's "normal" is about all this & more.  Your not knowing about every single thing i have mentioned here & why your news is not talking about it every single day is about all this & more.  there is no "tangent" long enough to explain it. do not listen to your neighbors who double as morons when presented with any of these subjects & want to waste your time with endless uninformed debate. they are actually the scariest part of all of this because each person can only climb the mountain with so much weight on his back...no matter how strong. it's basic physics.  as in any battle some of the mortally wounded (in this case by poor life decisions & sitting their fat lazy asses on a couch in front of a TV instead of educating themselves) will need to be left behind to figuratively die.  if their news didn't warn them...well....the internet did for what has been the bulk of at least the last 5 years.  only 1 out of those 1825 days was required for them to make an "extra" effort & simply WAKE UP.  what's that saying ???  Ignorantia juris non excusat.  that's ignorance of the law does not excuse to you & me.  them's the breaks.  i just presented the shortest yet most detailed outline possible most of you have ever read on this subject.  fill in the gaps so you know it rather than being spoonfed every last crumb.  run with it and/or teach me more.


(*) some people prefer to watch the movie instead of taking the time to read the book.  that's fine.  it's each individual's choice or preference.  well here's the (super) quick screenplay of everything outlined above.

[fade in to young girl skipping rope as her dad washes the family car]

for the 1st hour of the movie we see how much she ADORES her father.  he's her hero.  she writes an essay for a Father of the Year contest.  she talks about how he's "the most honest man she has ever known"...all that shit.  She grows up to be just like her dad.  She lives to make him proud.  She plays the sports he plays.  She studies the things he likes in school.  She earns a scholarship to go to college in Europe which she has always dreamed about ever since watching her dad's favorite movie Casablanca but goes to the state university instead to be close to him.  She looks for a man just like him to marry.  She names her 1st born child after him.  Towards the end of the movie she finds out that her dad is a lying murderer who also steals for a living & had another wife & kids on the side the whole time.  when she confronts him he finally admits that he's never been sure if he's really her father or not because her mother (now dead) used to be a prostitute.  he knows this because he was her pimp.

woman weeps & pulls out a picture with her dad in front of the car from that day at the beginning of the movie.  her tears fall on the picture.  her father puts his hand on her shoulder but she aggressively shrugs it off, stands up, takes a deep breath, wipes away the tears, utters an emotionless good-bye, & moves on with the rest of her life with her eyes fully open.

[fade to black]

credits roll with Papa Was A Rolling Stone in the background.

the end.



UPDATE 1:  today after i posted this a friend of a friend asked why the American public & media is not freaking out about this more.  i say: i think a good portion of America needs an evil looking man standing on a podium speaking very aggressively in a foreign language to groups of people in perfect lines to get it. they don't read the book. they just watch the movie.

UPDATE 2:  just hours after i posted this the House passes a the Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act to give the Senate veto power over the White House requiring the Senate to sign off on "any new rule stimated to cost over 100 million dollars."  (which is fine if that's all it's really about)   

 Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny -- or REINS -- Act








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