today i saw this on FagBook for the 10th time or so.  obviously the latest people who posted it were on my friends list but i want to assure you that this is directed at none of them but at the public at LARGE (key word).  i would just like to cover a few things about the attempted point.  i get it.  it's obvious.  it's actually pretty lame BECAUSE it's so obvious.  i'd also like for someone to read something besides the same shit everyone posts under this picture.  THE GUYS:  "it never did" which is true but....THE WOMEN "insert something about them having curves too".

besides if it's OK to rip on the chicks in the top row the rest of the inference here should be fair game right ??  c'mon don't be a little pussy NOW.  you've traveled outside the Fagbook border here so that desperately try to say the right thing to get the "like" rule-of-law does not apply.

1)  comparing the top row to the bottom is an apples to oranges scenario at best.  you've got a reality idiot and others compared to some top-of-the-bill icons.  it's too easy.  this is where these placards fail so miserably even when they're supposed to coddle and nurture.

2) sure marilyn and the rest had "curves" but let's not blow that out of proportion for some self-serving convenient point.  all anyone needs to do is go to the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd and see how absolutely TINY her hand (& shoe) prints are.  if she's supposed to be some benchmark for the super-sized "modern" woman who outweighs her by 30-40 lbs (or more) she is the wrong one for that job.

3) stop comparing dress sizes from 50+ years ago to the ones of today.  if you think a size 12 from 1958 is the same one you're going to find at Target you are most definitely searching for a ghost.  i'm literally the same exact size and in my adult lifetime i have gone from wearing a large shirt to barely fitting a small in men's sizes which is one of the further-down-the-list-because-they-look-like-shit reasons why i do not wear or shop for men's clothing anymore.

4) the word "curves" does not mean fat and as the guys stated above IT NEVER DID.  so stop taking a 120 lbs woman who wore a size 7 shoe and comparing it to some sloppy make-up less sweatpants & scrunchie-laden pig grimace woman of today who has big ugly guy feet & has not donned a pair of sexy heels and a skirt since probably never and has to lie about her weight to even report it at 150.

5) do you think there were no skinny bitches in the past ???  there was actually WAY more of them and they didn't have a bunch of fat chicks calling them anorexic and posing in a frumpy bulls-in-a-china-shop herd on a Dove billboard and calling it a campaign for "real" beauty.  was there something unreal about the original beauty ???  i'm confused which of course is just smartass semantics for those people are FULL OF SHIT (and they know it).  but if any of those lies work on you i've got some shit to sell you as well.

6) inadequacy is a mindset.  it is NOT society or its "messages" that are the problem.  in fact it's probably your fat ass or that butterball under your shirt that need(s) the bitch slap.










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