i guess i could go back to before MySpace but i'll just start there because it's all the same dialogue anyway.  also remember that i'm not promoting style over substance here or knocking intelligent insightful content but i can find that on the best of Craigslist if i want.  i'm talking about the basic social network game here...the roots from where these current trees have grown if you will.  i think the resulting branches are pretty evident.

i didn't really think about it until recently but i've been online for about 17-18 years.  don't get me wrong i really love how fast my DSL is so i can enjoy YouTube, & Hulu, & all the other sites like that that were only viable once high-speed internet came into play BUT here's what they brought with them.  i call them the cyber termites because they gnaw at the baseboards of everything cool and unique so that those concepts are rendered as useless as the wood termites leave behind.

in 2003 MySpace was a really cool new terrain.  every single follower was not online so it was built upon independent thinkers, artists, musicians, and shit talkers before that concept was run into the ground by pretenders to the throne who soiled those concepts with their inarticulate banter & subpar musings.  Those people did not have constant access with phones either. the only way to an interesting page on MySpace was through the art of HTML.  i'm sure this goes for many but during that time period i actually learned more about computers & coding than any other.  unless i wanted to continually have to ask/pay some geek squad to do everything for me i had to learn it all myself.  it literally made me a more rounded individual by default because it forced me to educate myself ALL THE TIME in a completely new (to me) field of study thus the "rounded" part.  it's the (initial) main reason why i can make this website happen with ease now.

Facebook eliminated that.  not only was it where all the moms & dads & dorks who could not handle true cyber competition ran to the hills & could pretend anyone gives a fuck about their pathetically marginal (and anonymous everywhere but Facebook) lives but it also brought everything down to a retard level so said RETARDS could participate.  it polluted the gene pool & pissed in the Cheerios.  a monkey can navigate setting up a Facebook page.  it deliberately leveled the playing field so "they" would not have to make so many extra efforts to play along or more like keep pace.  if you really analyze it Facebook's "features" are ALL set up to appease the uneducated, uncreative, unpopular user 1st.  then it's up to the ones not stuck in that quicksand to polish their skeletal turd and make something shine out of it.

Since that is so true i always found it so ironic how the less remarkable portion of that public sold Facebook to themselves & those around them.  remember the campaign that flooded the public airwaves back when ????  the quick simplified version went something like this:  MySpace is for "kids" or they loved to use "immature" as well and Facebook was for "adults".  they actually had the audacity to suggest that adults playing "like" button footsies along with a cyber version of hide & seek is somehow HIGHer brow.  even if i stated that that was true which one do you think should be listed 1st in the book o' fun ??  and which is the embarrassing runner-up dancing badly and looking like a dated fool ???

what they should have said is MySpace is for those million hot chicks and guys with their stunning pictures and massive friends lists and Facebook is for the people that did not have a hope in hell of ever competing with that.  THAT was the real problem.  don't think so ??  look at the two figureheads.  they sum it up SO well.  here's their pictures side-by-side.  both personify their respective sites and are pretty spot on right ????  sure Tom looked a bit more "normal" than i would have wanted him to for this point but he is/was still a decent looking guy.  he's that guy that the Zuckerberg girl would be in love with but never actually date.  and Mark well we ALL know what a troll Mark is.  that's who the Zuckerberg girl actually lives life with so it's no wonder she also needed to tie a Facebook noose around her man's window-shopping on MySpace as well.  Facebook the ultimate social/cyber threat eliminator.

what's Mark's motive throughout that whole Social Network movie ???  chi-ching.  except the Winklevoss twins are not the REAL ones on the other side.  this isn't about his face but more about what that face is the face of....that no-longer-new dawn that will now never fade.  sometimes the most obvious things are pointed out the least because i guarantee you've never read that anywhere else even though it's clearer than any day you've ever witnessed...besides the fact that any FACT that fucks with too large of a group will ALWAYS be squashed.  that 99% shit worked for other things before Occupy.  i don't expect for most people outside of the small percentage i cherish, appreciate, applaud, & place upon a DESERVED pedestal to LIKE that (not that i offered the button).

of COURSE Mr. Zuckerberg won that battle.  he had selling the coddling & nurturing of cyber inadequacy on his side.  as is said (& probably true more often than not) the numbers do not lie.

my phrase ONLY THE WRONG ONES BREED LIKE RABBITS definitely applies here.

here's the part that really REALLY sucks though:

we'll NEVER get that golden age back because all the people that flooded the party over the last 5-6 years or so are here to stay FOR GOOD so it does not matter what new site pops up. now they will be there to ruin the party just like they do with everything else.  all those idiots will be texting back & forth and within hours/days that proverbial lawn will be mowed down to the dirt before it ever gets a chance to truly grow.  there will be no more NATURAL cyber segregation unless...........

i think the internet's greatest weakness at this point is the FREE price tag.  i don't know about anyone else but i'd be more than willing to pay for an invite-only soiree because it would never eliminate all of them but it would most certainly get rid of a good chunk.  call it iEugenics.

it's time for internets within the internet.

The Great Firewall of Fuck You Go Away.

just think about it.  a wonderland where the owner does not suck every advertising cock under the sun and sell you out to boot because some loser majority who should not even be around might drop their collective pennies in a till and have it add up to WAY more than it should.

bombs...sorry food ======> for thought.


UPDATE Halloween 2012: i did not think of this when i originally wrote this but here's how we can easily separate any one of you into two groups with ease.  did you read "style over substance" as STYLE over substance or BEAUTY over substance ???  because it's not like style can not be ugly AND without substance.  many people conveniently forget that now. Hmmmm.....wonder why ????? what a MYSTERY.  English so often fails for communication now because so many deliberately misuse it on a regular basis.  it can be very frustrating needing to complete so many preemptive ass-wipings these days while trying to get across what once was a very clear and direct point.








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