i'd like to add this chapter of my book for that dwindling minority who still do not understand my position when it comes to this man.

there's a reason i'm going to explain this at great length. maybe a few more people will GET IT.  please bear with me if you give a shit and if not what difference does it make (?) so i'll carry on since it's MY story and i'm proud of it except some of the end that is.

i'll eventually get to how i ended up working for the Democratic National Committee and in effect both Barack Obama AND Hillary Clinton.

around this time i lived in the middle of Hollywood.  the corner of Hollywood and Vine was a couple blocks over here and L.A. film school, Ameoba Records, and the CNN building were a couple blocks over there.  i lived one block south of Hollywood Blvd where the Walk of Fame (stars) has already started to flow. walk a few more blocks and i could people watch outside the Chinese Theatre with Marilyn's hand and heel prints right over ====> there.


from late 2006 to the end of 2007 i was acting full-time.  i never worked as much as that year.  it's crazy how many things i fit into that short period of time.  most days i worked at Warner Bros. Studios as well as a variety of other studios in a handful of movies and about 20 TV shows.

if there was any break in that action i would go get paid to watch the Price Is Right, Deal or No Deal, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, American Gladiators, Don't Forget The Lyrics, any other game show, any and every talk show, and things like the MTV Awards and other awards shows like that and on and on and on.

i was even in the crowd for some of the basketball scenes in that Will Farrell movie Semi-Pro and went to the World Cyber (video) Game Championship 4-5 years ago.  i did not give a shit what it was as long as it paid.  

if there was a club scene in any TV show or pilot i would get booked every time.  i did so much shit i honestly can not even remember all the names of everything.  it's just one long extended blur at this point.

one of those club scenes was for a pilot listed as The Untitled Liz Meriwether Project on IMDb.  i spent the bulk of the previous evening drinking sake at Toi on Sunset (where i used to work the door).  after they closed at 4AM i went home and decided to have a few more beers and go straight to set.  

right before one of the shots i ran outside, barfed in between a couple white Escalades with atrocious gold rims, ran back inside, and shot the scene.

as long as it was liquid = barfing was my business and business was good.  

that pilot was HORRIBLE so i'm not surprised it went nowhere.  but then i thought the same exact thing about the Chuck pilot and that went on for 5 seasons winning 2 Primetime Emmys.  NEWS FLASH:  it still SUCKED.

some of my journal entries from that time period are here.  

NOTE:  i have never published an IMDb page because i was hired and paid with my birth name a name from a man i DESPISE and have since legally changed.

calling me that name is like calling my deceased grandmother a whore.  

i don't recommend it.  

so i'm certainly not going to have that name up on IMDb ya dig ???  

any time anyone wants to see my pay slips i'll be more than happy to show them to you. i have every single pay stub because that's my resume for agents and Central Casting can verify any and all of it since they're the ones who really hired me.

i have not worked for them for a while but they are still one of my de facto agents.  i can go back to work any time i wish.  if you can get your foot in the door and you can show up on time every time ready to go with ZERO excuses or Lohan stunts you will always be able to find work in that part of this town even if it's just small roles in the background. (sorry Lindsay)  

but right now ===> i'd rather be making music

the main chunk of my work during this time period was episodes 12-22 on the show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (click it for the IMDb page) on which i played a "writer" and part of the crew of the fictional staff working backstage and around the offices.  i never spoke.  i was just there and being "seen" was not on my agenda since the Ugg-booted wardrobe cunt would always dress me down so i would look more like the average fuck on the street.  

to be honest i just wanted the paycheck.  it was work if catered breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, candy, ice cream truck out back, reefer breaks, listening to my iPod, reading books, writing, sitting on my ass talking and laughing with most of the other featured background players, with brief flashes walking around on camera every-so-often can be called work...not to mention all the free DVDs and a virtual pass to explore every fucking inch of that lot.

ever walked through a dark deserted ER set ???  i have.

i was working on other things at the same time so it was not uncommon to find 3-4 checks in my mailbox on any given day.  it was not making me rich by real $$ standards but it was way more money than i needed for a short while there.  

(say this like that SNL Miley Cyrus skit) it was pretty cool.

i'm in one episode of Gilmore Girls carrying a sign in a hay maze at some town festival.  they just needed a few extra hands last minute one day and i knew i would never be seen or would have never done it.  i hate that show like the stink of fish.  i even pissed in their restaurant and i don't mean the bathroom in the restaurant in mean the restaurant itself, the booths, the bar, and whatever else i/we hit that day.  what can i say other than it was an Animal House moment ??  check that journal here.  true story.  

but one hour later there'd be another $200 check on the way.  

if people liked you and/or someone would vouch for you there was always a new/next hustle to be found.  

a few years before this a production assistant from Dancing With the Stars came around and literally begged to pay us to fill their audience the morning before their 1st shit episode.  

we thought Dance Fever with washed up stars and sports people ??  

yeah good luck with that and we said no thanks.  now one of those tickets is like a fucking free pass to heaven for that cracker demographic.  who knew ??

never underestimate the poor tastes of the 'Merican audience

i don't miss the long days.  7AM call times were completely standard and leaving sometime around 9-10PM was usually the case.  i would leave and go have dinner in Hollywood with my girlfriend at the time, go home, pop open some wine and a beer or 5, and be lucky to be sleeping at 2-3 in the morning before i had to be up at 6 and make my way back to Burbank on time.

i only worked Mon-Thurs but it still took some stamina and 3-4 Aleve and few bottles of water to get my head out of the clouds each morning.  

the show's basic premise was a drama about the backstage of a show like Saturday Night Live. for the most part it wasn't a haha funny show it was a drama that i actually enjoyed as a viewer until they started coupling everyone up like a soap opera in a thinly veiled attempt to boost ratings.

i used to watch it during lunch on the big screen in our main sound stage.  

that was the official lunch called after the catered lunch that had already arrived.  it can get confusing.

my kitchen cabinets were full of every goddamn microwave this or instant that and the silverware and glasses were getting in the way of all the gum and candy and granola bars and cookies and Hostess and fruit roll-ups and those mini cereal boxes and chips and those damn hot fries.  i was the king of those fuckin' hot fries.  i ate so many of them i can't even look at the package anymore. i'm covering my eyes right now as i post this picture.

it's no wonder we were so over-budget.  

that's literally a different era of television.  times have changed.  now less than 8 years later our 22-24 million viewers each week (that the higher-ups were bitching about) would now easily make us the biggest episodic show on TV and would virtually double, triple, quadruple what any 2nd place show like The Good Wife or America's Got Talent could usually come up even if it's a finale.  Heroes (i did 4 episodes of that) which followed us was kicking our ass with about 35 million.


i spent my days with most of that ensemble cast and crew (mostly from The West Wing) .  Aaron Sorkin (now an Oscar winner for The Social Network...imagine a laid back John Hughes-type guy), Matt Perry (didn't care to know him at all...not my kind of guy. people said he was sober at the time i say he was snortin' rails in his trailer but that's just an honest guess), Amanda Peet (she was about 4 months pregnant when i started so i would only see her here and there), Brad Whitford (cool), Steven Weber (cool), Tim Busfield (the coolest), D.L. Hughley (hysterical), Sarah Paulson (not my cup of tea at the time though i've grown to appreciate her work...it's kinda funny that she played the straight-laced Christian on the show when in real life she's a foul-mouthed, belching dyke and i mean that with love), Mark McKinney (from The Kids in the Hall), Simon Helberg (it's so cool that he went on to find great success with The Big Bang Theory.  we 1st witnessed his stellar Nicholas Cage impersonation on our show), and the list goes on and on but i'll stop there.

cameras are a big no-no on the lot so it's not like i took any pictures and posted them to MySpace or FagBook not that i would have even if i could.  

that's no-no #2 unless you're a tourist or shameless fan.

i was asked to be on this show by the wardrobe dept. (who i really liked except for the one who dressed us). they pulled me aside during a break outside when i was working on Ocean's 13 in another sound stage nearby.

i was in the casino that day.  it was the earthquake scene.  that casino was incredible and that's coming from a 2-time Las Vegas resident.  they spared no expense.  there was water trickling through the glass floor beneath you.  

it was insane.     

Al Pacino's bad cologne stink was still fresh in my nose that afternoon...and oh there's Brad Pitt and Matt Damon and George Clooney on the other sound stage before that and blah blah fucking blah.

this acting detour was just another part of this long strange trip.  if you think this is "name-dropping" you don't live in Hollywood.  maybe it's that in your world but to me it was another day at a long & sometimes boring office.  


i worked right here. 19 was our main stage although we had 2 others around the corner. across the "street" was Gilmore Girls and down the "street" was Two and a Half Men.


i walked by Charlie Sheen's shiny burgundy Porsche almost every day i worked there. that notion that he was somehow unprofessional or whatever was and still is absolute bullshit.  i would be on time and be arriving after he did.  his executive producer was and still is a complete douche bag.  

yes he put on a show after the infamous blow-up we all remember but that's all that was really about.  he said fuck you to them AND that part of 'Merica that sucks tabloid cock because he could.  it really was as simple as that.

the bewildered herd out on the street can mock people like him all they want but trust me he does not need to earn another cent for the rest of his life.  

who's the joke now ???  oh yeah they're buying the People magazine standing with all the other worker bee drips in the grocery store as i type this....that is if they don't have to be tending the farm at their shit jobs instead.

yeah those people are the great big winners lemme tell ya.

Charlie better go suck his thumb in the corner.

but i digress..................

Studio 60 finished the season and was cancelled after that final episode.  it had all come so easy that i honestly figured i would just find another show and push repeat.

in (fall) 2007 there was a writer's strike which fucked everything up for a person like me who was just dabbling in that industry because i could.  

almost every show except for late night TV, game shows, and a few other things came to a complete STOP for that entire season.

what did they turn to to fill whatever slots they could fill ??  the answer is unscripted TV that did not require much writing and was cheap to produce.  

of course they existed before but this (2008) is when the initial rumblings about Jersey Shore popped out of its womb and the siblings and cousins like the Housewives of (pick the town), and Keeping Up with the Kardasians (which actually predates the strike and Jersey Shore) and a hundred other illegitimate like-minded clones flooded that already over-populated "reality" scene.

that part of the industry needed a vasectomy.  still does.  instead it received an endless shot of trash-for-trash steroids (not that i do not enjoy some of it). 

it dismantled the old guard like Nirvana in '91 but there was no Smells Like Teen Spirit to back it up.

see the timeline now ???  thank the writers.  they perpetuated their own (partial) neutering right when YouTube is picking up speed and Netflix is introducing streaming on its customers' computers.  

smooth move

P.S. wanna know what the writer's were striking for ??  they thought their base salaries were too low.  wanna know where that base began for the lowest men on that totem pole ???  $3500 a week and they even received this pay when they were not working in many cases. of course there was a bit more to it than that but.......


greedy mother fuckers who for the most part wrote shit scripts for shit shows to amuse a shit audience.  welcome to nirvana.

why shouldn't the audience watch Jersey Shore instead ??? 

i figured FUCK IT.  everything will be back to normal soon right ??  


the actor's strike soon followed like clockwork right after the writer's strike and fucked up the whole next season.  around this time i squeezed in a few episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a few more pilots but that was about it.

recently i've realized that this was exactly like the economy today in June 2014.  the life just got sucked out of it and/or maybe it was time for it die

i was spent so i decided to take a crack at non-profit...specifically the Democratic National Commitee.  i had worked for the DNC office by UCLA before so this was nothing new to me.

just like my boys' 15-16 state tennis title in Illinois, my politically conservative (and connected) family, and my time spent studying economics at one of the toughest schools in the nation before i left for art school i still had other viable options.

there's more to me than what i appear to be today.  

don't judge a book by its cover definitely applies here.

i didn't spend my formative years in the washroom with the rest of the burnouts so i picked up a guitar and recorded a bunch of songs because there was nothing else i could do with my life.  

that was just the coolest option so i chose that.

as a kid i had watched my great grandfather who was the mayor of his small town for over 60 years.  i had done mailings for years for my local state senator Dennis Hastert who would go on to lead the Senate majority and become one of Bush's fat cat cronies.  i had done mailings for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Daddy Bush.  i had thrown Rock the Vote parties for MTV to bring out the younger voters and help get Clinton elected. my one key mentor was a political columnist.  and i specifically remember sitting in a Denny's near Chicago listening to one of my best friends tell me why Al Gore should be president about 10+ years before he had it stolen from him and a few years before we would see him become the Vice President.

i had always been interested and involved in politics in one way or another and after 8 years of the Bush doctrine i figured jumping back in was the right thing to do.

i didn't want to canvass neighborhoods and randomly knock on doors because i think that's incredibly invasive so i did the next (worst) invasive thing i could do and worked the phones in the CNN building (the black building behind Amoeba Records) on Hollywood Blvd.

the pay was shit compared to Warner Bros. which was inevitable and i had "quit" music for a while so i needed to do something else.

i absolutely hated the work.  it truly was/is a thankless job and the word enough as it relates to hours spent and $-amounts raised is not a part of those people's vocabulary.  more more more is all they know and understand when we're discussing this particular subject which is prudent in its own sick way for the auction at hand.  

there's no time to let the machine cool.  it's just go go go go go and if you need to come out of the game they don't give a shit.  they always have another body any body waiting on the sidelines to replace you. 

i sat next to a former MTV VJ who i will refrain from naming for reasons i'll get to later.  he made everything more fun and i'm glad he was there.  

each day our time was divided between raising money for Hillary and the DNC itself which was supposed to mean the entire Democratic ticket from top to bottom but really meant Barry Obama.

c'mon let's keep it real. there's no point in bullshitting at this point.

through that end of winter, spring, and early summer Hillary and Obama were virtually tied.  that was an extremely close race.  people often have revisionist memories with things like this.  we were still a LONG way from Obama's nomination speech at the convention and even further from the weeping, duped idiots the night of the election.

it wasn't like the whole world screamed Obama's our man from the beginning.  

all that rock star shit came later and ironically Hillary would end up being one of the key players in that spin zone.  there was a great divide between what i knew about these people and who and what the public thought they were.

and that divide just kept getting larger and larger and larger as they sold the empty political artifice more and more and the morons lapped it up like pigs attacking a trough.

they were rabid and psycho.  even the rest of the world fell victim to and was wrapped up in the nonsense because most of our generations had never seen anything like that before.  

maybe no one had.  i can only speak for me and mine. 

i know i'd honestly never seen 'Merica through that exact lens before.  

i knew they were gullible idiots who would fall for just about anything because they live with this false (and blind) assumption that swears the U.S. is just good and honest no matter what but this was beyond that.  they were like the most desperate, pathetic, needy whores i had ever seen who would fuck or suck any cock through the gloryhole as long as the person on the other side of the wall sang the right tune.

Bush and 9/11 and the Iraq war and whatever else really did a number on them and they were willing to suspend reality for any fantasy that fit their individual desires. 

it changed me forever.


early on i already knew that 3 of the 4 men who had claimed to be Obama's gay lovers and coke-snortin' buddies had ended up dead within about a 45 day period.

one died of AIDS but the other two were murdered execution-style.

that was around late 2007 a few months before i started working for the DNC.  

i can now honestly say that i thought it was odd (definitely).  all 3 men went to the same Chicago church.   that church was Obama's church for 20 years or so...the church where Jeremy Wright was the pastor.  

the one i remember the most was Donald Young the choir director who was cut down with an automatic weapon in complete mob-hit fashion but i did not give it much more thought than a Sopranos episode.  i made bullshit excuses like typical Ameri-con trash and still went to work for that scumbag anyway. 

i was wrong.


it was not until a few years later that a journalist named Wayne Madsen opened a whole other can of worms during his investigation. the most complete post i have ever read about it that includes many things i/we did not know at the time can be found here.

i still wonder if that was the real reason Jeremy Wright was demonized in the press and Obama denounced him.  that in effect made everything about and surrounding that church CRAZY and America would dismiss it like they always do.

all their eyes will concentrate on the crazy pastor and no one will ever bother to mention the 3 dead guys.  think about that for a second:  that last bit would have made the church even crazier but they conveniently left it out.


and sliding any of this past the 'Merican public is about as difficult as not getting caught flippin' off a blind man.  they'll do zero research, make a flippant decision about something like this based on whatever emotion they wish to guide them, and they'll close the case forever without another worry in the world about it.

they're the ultimate damning news story garbage men for our politicians. 

it rarely takes more than one card (in this case Jeremy Wright) to fall to tumble the rest of the house of cards as far as Ameri-con perception goes.  that's Ameri-con 101. and if you think about it almost every person with no idea what this is about will AUTOMATICALLY assume that this is all cleared up for no other reason than Obama looks and sounds convincing and that's all they need to close this case against him.  

one would think they all have never seen a movie where one of the "good guy" characters ended up the real criminal or murderer at the end and they never saw it coming

this is why i know the lost souls still making excuses for this lying piece of shit so well.  for a brief window of time i was one of them and i had an inside seat that pretty much gave (and still gives) me a clearer view than 95% of them as well unless of course sitting in the stands somehow trumps playing on the field.

i raised a shitload of money (in technical terms) for that man and still did not vote for him or anyone else for that matter partially based upon what i had witnessed with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. i sat in on weekly conference calls from Howard Dean's office listening to their bullshit strategies and manipulations but some loser from any town USA who's never even dipped his/her toe in the political ring is going to tell me how things were and still are ???





Ameri-con ploy is all that is and will ever be.  better stick to the break room at WalMart with that pathetic simpleton shit. 

not that stating that will stop lowly Ameri-cons from trying to play that bullshit card.  they're too used to being surrounded by morons who mirror them to have figured out how weak a play that is in any world of reality.  

sounds good is the cornerstone of their "research" in far too many cases.

at the beginning of June 2008 Obama (still neck-and-neck with Hillary)was supposed to fly from Dulles airport in D.C. to Chicago.  the entire plane was full of domestic and international press.  he disappeared from that flight and before they bothered to tell everyone on the plane (who were only there to fly with Obama) they locked the doors and flew those people into the sky not allowing them to get off the plane and of course follow Obama wherever he was headed.

this little blurb pretty much covers it.  

the rest of this particular article is HERE.

i can no longer find the YouTube video of Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs lying to the reporters after the plane had taken off.  i would not be surprised if it was deliberately gonged because the press people's questions were so damning and he honestly did come across like a sleazy used car salesman complete with the snarky smile and evasive answers that answered nothing.

and of course the mainstream press barely mentioned it if even at all.  the fact that most people on the street can not tell you/me/anyone anything about this speaks volumes especially since it was so bizarre

within days Hillary was not only trumpeting Obama's our man but she was out on the road serving her master(s) like the little fake-smiling campaigning whore she truly is, was, and will always be.

i quit that same week and became a director at Environment California which as it turned out was only interested in spinning every single cause into why someone should vote for Barack Obama.  i quit them too after that summer and never returned to that type of non-profit work and never will again even if i'm starving.

just like a former drug addict who swears he/she will never touch drugs again i will never go near American politics as long as i live unless there's an opportunity after the dust of a full-scale revolution has cleared.

and all i have to do is pick a street any street and look at the fair-weathered bumbling fools that mostly surround me who would not risk their DVD collections let alone anything else if that was the cost for any real progressive change to know revolution is the worst bet offered on the table.  it will never happen.

i may not participate anymore but i can offer strict warnings with more than enough street credibility to back it up.

that former MTV VJ (who i will not throw under the bus) and a variety of others who could at least make an informed guess as to what had just occurred quit with me.

it's why we quit.  the jig was up

this is what i thought and still think happened (and i'll keep it short) and i do not remember any one of those people disagreeing with me.  we certainly were not the only ones who thought this was more than possible.  reporter after reporter inquired about the disappearance and never received a lucid answer. 

if it wasn't the Bilderberg Group as has been reported Obama and Hillary went to meet with some group that included people outside our government to not only discuss but to plot domestic policy which, if it's true, is straight-up treason and should be punishable by life in prison if not death by the strict rules these people expect all of us to obey.

Obama was given 2008 and 2012.

Hillary was given a cabinet position and 2016 and beyond so they could concentrate on the real enemy at hand =====> marginalizing The Republicans in the court of public opinion, selling their new savior just like they sell their wars, and making sure the clueless idiots of 'Merica stick to their false we have a choice script just like the century-old, pocket fattening, well-trained monkey slaves without shackles they have been molded to be.

why do you think he was up against a corny old white man like John McCain ?? that was like LeBron James playin' one-on-one with a midget.

all the wizards behind the curtain needed was 8 years of Bush to figure out that he was the PERFECT poster boy to demonize the right and if they could slide in some savior from the left who will continue as if it's all business as usual doing exactly the same things (or even worse) that same public would desperately try to give it all the benefit of the doubt for as long as (in)humanly possible because they could not possibly be one in the same.

it's just NOT POSSIBLE right ???

there's just no way there isn't really a left or a right when it comes to the Oval Office even though that office has been selling us out since before most of us were born regardless of which side of the political fence it swung on. 

and it's all even better that it was an African American man because then the idiots will cry racism and now with Hillary we'll just trade that ploy's name and call it sexism.

they should make sure the next savior after Hillary is openly gay so we can move on to bigotry to shield the endless scam and a possible 24 year trifecta will be complete. 

2015 UPDATE:  Here is Abby Martin saying the SAME exact thing about a year after i typed that last sentence.  

i could go on and on but i'll just leave it at that. 

it might sound like a trivial question to some but now do you understand why i might have asked......

i gave up Hollywood for THIS shit ????

which one of those options is more fake and plastic ???? at least Hollywood admits to using a script and never tries to pretend it's real life.

i helped Obama so he could serve up 8 years of THIS shit ???  

i helped Hillary so she could not only help with the last 8 years but is ready to serve up 8 more ?? 

for that i was a complete fuckin' asshole for real.  no class.  

if i can admit that why can't anyone else still clinging to licking his boots ??  i guess their pride and running around their hamster wheels to nowhere trump what's best for everyone else including their families, friends, and anyone else they claim to love.   

admitting you're wrong or have been wrong is the 1st step on the road to recovery mother fuckers.  

stating the truth about Obama AND Hillary and how rotten to the core this "nation" is now is not negative.  

NOT TELLING THE TRUTH is what that game's really about now.

the truly frightening part is there's nothing remotely original about Obama in the political sense.  all his tactics are just this hodgepodge of stale cliches he's cherry picked along way.

but the one thing he has always had going for him is how few people can see all of this for what it truly is, was, and will continue to be because their eyes, ears and minds are always distracted by an endless array of fruitless prizes.

they're as bankrupt as the economy.  

anyone who can explain and easily source all of Obama's poor man's Saul Alinsky dance moves, Edward Bernays propaganda techniques, and all the rest of it knows he's......


now that the rubber has met (or is it not met) the road for long enough it's quite easy to see his expensive car driving around in circle after circle to nowhere.

of course some things have been accomplished.  that's life in Washington.  

they're always up to something to justify their existence.  the underlings do most of the grunt work and men like Obama take all the credit for it.

so what

that petty verbal game of chicken he's been playing with Russia is just 8th grade amateur shit.  one should not expect more from a former community organizer from Shitcago if you know how things "work" there. 

if underhanded was currency that would be the wealthiest city on the planet. there's a reason this snake not only slithered out alive but prospered after spending enough time in the boot camp of that corrupt club/army which has to arrange conjugal visits in a prison with how many past governors is it now ????   

Russia must be laughing their asses off at this fool.  since he's leading the charge of the ultimate deadbeat country on the entire planet the only viable leg he has to stand on is murder and he knows if he tried that with any real power out there the rest of the world including China would bitch-slap him as well as this country back into its rightful place.

the whole world is not going to go down the toilet for the United States of America.  if another country was doing this to the world would you go down for them ??  would you live with less so they could have more ??  would you coddle and nurture a country that produces nothing the rest of the world needs to survive while wielding the biggest false-bravado mouths on the planet ???

it's abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous there's even any 'Mericans who need this explained to them.  this is like having to wipe ass in a kindergarten class and deal with a group of whiny 5-year-olds for no paycheck.

Obama and crew will probably just go pick on some small country instead if they want his minions to start beating their chests again with their lame U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A chants and that despicable way they cheer war and death like a tacky football crowd. 

he'll sell his war on TVs with shiny placards filled with jet fighter specs and bomb graphics just like they sell toys to little children during Saturday morning cartoons.

or maybe he won't even sell it at all and make sure the mainstream press reports as little as possible. he's/they're good at that too these days. 

and of course a bunch of innocent people who have nothing to do with any this will lose their lives to perpetuate yet another lie in his seemingly endless treasure chest of lies that matches or beats anything we've ever witnessed.

he might have fooled WAY too many people for a few more years than it should have been but we can see him now for what he is and the whole world knows it now as well.  

they didn't even bother to include this country in economic agreements that have completely changed the rules and kicked that worthless U.S. dollar to the curb where it really belongs...and that was CHANGED as in past tense just in case any of those Ameri-cons missed it.  





and most of our wonderful neighbors can not tell us shit about it but if you purposefully claim the wrong person was kicked off America's Got Talent last night they'll correct you quicker than Flash Gordon because they're geniuses.

do you think i get off on this shit ??  

do you think this makes me happy ??  

do you think there's some exciting prize to be won by being right about any or all of this nonsense none of us should have to monitor because we elected and pay representatives to take care of it ???

the answers should be immediate to anyone with a soul:  no, no, and no.  

Dear Typical America:  

what's the hold up with that getting a clue program ??????

oh yeah ===> the problem is you.

Obama's not cool or slick.  

he's not The Beatles or the Stones.  

he's Herman's Hermits.

he's not Tupac.

he's MC Hammer

he's an Urkel. but if we throw this guy in a school with too many geeks and nerds like that with only superficial greatest country on Earth like-groveling drama queens to somehow level the scale he probably should be the prom king.

What/Who is he the king of anyway ???????








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what can i say = LISTEN TO THE SONGS.  push all the short attention span theater shit to the side and LISTEN. music is embedded all over this site.  let the albums & EPs play from start to finish.  they are not just collections of random songs. also my music is for that end of the night nightcap in headphones not background for the party.  i suggest you approach it that way & engage it in that setting and the rest is up to you.


if you are looking for predictable simpleton drivel meant to appease empty Ameri-con trash you are in the wrong place i assure you.  the bulk of your friends list on Facebook will help you out if that is the mirror you seek. click that red link now and get your worthless tacky ass out of here QUICKLY.


i seek no press.  this website is receiving traffic from 100+ countries every month through word-of-mouth only.  there's no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any of the other predictable whoring.  besides the United States the traffic has been incredible from Germany, France, Russia, UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, China, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Chile, and The Netherlands.  i want to thank all of you especially along with everyone else for listening, visiting, and whatever else.


my previous releases before the ones linked above are as follows: Chapter One was released May 18th 2013.  the Mrs. Produkt EP was released March 2nd 2013 & Der Schnitt was released February 9th 2013.  please go purchase them & support independence. you can name your price.  if you're broke put in $0 and take it for free with no strings attached.  i do not want your email.  i do not give a fuck about your "like".  i do not want to contact you.  what i want is for you to LISTEN.  click on any album cover to show you where you can download them.  COOL ??????????





BOTTOM FEEDER: THE SOCIALITE was released December 15th 2012.  this was my 6th full length album in 2012.  10 new tracks.


and this ever-evolving collection of covers is always FREE. click her to show you where you can download it now.



music as an industry is going to continue to reside in the gutter until more of you start caring for it properly again.  it's so PURR-fect that the Ameri-con way has sold so many on the notion that it's pointless to drop $10 on music but don't worry about doing the same thing at McDonald's a few times a week for glorified dog food.  that's COMPLETELY normal.


for now i only deal with Bandcamp because unlike iTunes i can keep it donation based.  i also deal with Bandcamp because they are the coolest & best company selling digital music on the web right now and they are aiding the cause not hurting it like iTunes.  PERIOD.  Bandcamp will covert your payment from almost any currency imaginable and you can get better quality downloads from them as well. you're not just helping me you're helping so many others including the audience of any genre outside the pathetic and predictable mainstream industry that is as marginal and washed up as it has ever been.  i can not be more honest than that.


yes this site is 1st and foremost about my music but it is also about many of the other things that i love OR hate and anything else i feel like in between.  if you search through the menu you will find all of my (currently available) releases.  but you will also find some of my paintings & photography.


the Journals & Written Word links in the menu above are loaded with my writing.  i am constantly updating it as well as every other section of this site.


up above in this column check the date of the last update underneath my picture.  it will always be extremely current GUARANTEED.  as part of the audience i know music/band sites for the most part are PAINFULLY BORING, infrequently updated, & lacking content so i hope to present something much more interesting & extensive.  i guarantee that every day you return here you can/will find something new.


i'm a complete hermit by nature so 99% of you will most likely never get to know me in person anyway so here's a virtual part of me instead.