just for the hell of it let's do a little social networking commentary regarding certain "lucky they have a hole" puke-a-little-in-my-cyber-mouth ABOUT ME sections of "fan pages" with "fan art" in 2014.

THANKS OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!! ===> actually i meant FagBook

here goes..........a little Spinal Tap math for this come-lately millenni-ummmmmmm you might be a following fuckin' idiot.


tattoos everywhere (gotta have at least one star in there somewhere). the tramp stamp vicinity is old hat.  try a rainbow of them on the stomach rising from the gloryhole below. neck = keep the colors pretty.  collar bone = some phrase that lets us know your dropout G.E.D. ass beat the system.


parlay that shit into "published" fetish model in some rag with Ink in the name.  you might make the Top Ten of some shitty irrelevant website and score dozens of hits and have some Chester The Molesters ask you for your autograph at some equally shitty trade show in [pick the city].


the oh-so-original holding my naked tits in my hands oopsie i'm almost pulling my panties off if this red polished dagger does not stab my sexy lip & Grrr teeth first photos (better have some of THOSE prints for sale since the "me pretending to do drugs" ones never move many units).


part-time "makeup artist", "stylist", "dancer", "video vixen", and/or "musician" of some sort. any of those Jack-of-all-Fakes tags will do. 


Model Mayhem profile (an absolute MUST).


fire breather (ok i'm stretching shit here).


that colored contact lenses Hot Topic military hat knock-off boyfriend named after an animal of the forest, some character from ancient and/or religious texts, Egyptian folklore, or any astrological or other wonder found up in the sky like weather (rain) or space (star) who plays in a band named after some type of vapor, chemical, machinery, or violent verb ====> Kill [just about anything] most definitely applies here.

(HOLLYHOOD NOTE:  a FIERCE Bar Sinister photo of you two would be a nice added touch especially if it serves as a vengeful replacement for the same one you took with the last guy) 


endless tagged photos with various other tongue-sticking-out-metal-sign-frankenfuck-moon-boots-wielding-note-takers following the same exact How To Be A Freak For Dummies rules & regulations outlined above.


why don't you just type 2004 MYSPACE CHICK and save yourself the time & effort of attempting to describe it any other way ??????

at least she was kind of original.  sure the amateurs will not get it but all the ones with some shred of internet street credibility will. at times "retro" can go a long way with those people. they can be very forgiving if you're honest with them up front. 

irony is your friend.  if underneath the obvious costume you're completely boring and normal refer to yourself as "strange" and if "violence is not the answer" shaves your "i call the cops" pussy make sure "die" and "death" somehow work into your fake blood Zombie photo shoots. 

you're such a badass.

we dig that shit.


let's meet up at your favorite vegan eatery soon and i'll bring you a copy of my horribly overwrought poetry book THE NEW CONFORMIST

but it would be best if you stink of Jack Daniels & cigarettes.

mmmk ???

you'll LOVE it.









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what can i say = LISTEN TO THE SONGS.  push all the short attention span theater shit to the side and LISTEN. music is embedded all over this site.  let the albums & EPs play from start to finish.  they are not just collections of random songs. also my music is for that end of the night nightcap in headphones not background for the party.  i suggest you approach it that way & engage it in that setting and the rest is up to you.


if you are looking for predictable simpleton drivel meant to appease empty Ameri-con trash you are in the wrong place i assure you.  the bulk of your friends list on Facebook will help you out if that is the mirror you seek. click that red link now and get your worthless tacky ass out of here QUICKLY.


i seek no press.  this website is receiving traffic from 100+ countries every month through word-of-mouth only.  there's no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any of the other predictable whoring.  besides the United States the traffic has been incredible from Germany, France, Russia, UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, China, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Chile, and The Netherlands.  i want to thank all of you especially along with everyone else for listening, visiting, and whatever else.


my previous releases before the ones linked above are as follows: Chapter One was released May 18th 2013.  the Mrs. Produkt EP was released March 2nd 2013 & Der Schnitt was released February 9th 2013.  please go purchase them & support independence. you can name your price.  if you're broke put in $0 and take it for free with no strings attached.  i do not want your email.  i do not give a fuck about your "like".  i do not want to contact you.  what i want is for you to LISTEN.  click on any album cover to show you where you can download them.  COOL ??????????





BOTTOM FEEDER: THE SOCIALITE was released December 15th 2012.  this was my 6th full length album in 2012.  10 new tracks.


and this ever-evolving collection of covers is always FREE. click her to show you where you can download it now.



music as an industry is going to continue to reside in the gutter until more of you start caring for it properly again.  it's so PURR-fect that the Ameri-con way has sold so many on the notion that it's pointless to drop $10 on music but don't worry about doing the same thing at McDonald's a few times a week for glorified dog food.  that's COMPLETELY normal.


for now i only deal with Bandcamp because unlike iTunes i can keep it donation based.  i also deal with Bandcamp because they are the coolest & best company selling digital music on the web right now and they are aiding the cause not hurting it like iTunes.  PERIOD.  Bandcamp will covert your payment from almost any currency imaginable and you can get better quality downloads from them as well. you're not just helping me you're helping so many others including the audience of any genre outside the pathetic and predictable mainstream industry that is as marginal and washed up as it has ever been.  i can not be more honest than that.


yes this site is 1st and foremost about my music but it is also about many of the other things that i love OR hate and anything else i feel like in between.  if you search through the menu you will find all of my (currently available) releases.  but you will also find some of my paintings & photography.


the Journals & Written Word links in the menu above are loaded with my writing.  i am constantly updating it as well as every other section of this site.


up above in this column check the date of the last update underneath my picture.  it will always be extremely current GUARANTEED.  as part of the audience i know music/band sites for the most part are PAINFULLY BORING, infrequently updated, & lacking content so i hope to present something much more interesting & extensive.  i guarantee that every day you return here you can/will find something new.


i'm a complete hermit by nature so 99% of you will most likely never get to know me in person anyway so here's a virtual part of me instead.