this is the sheer essence of how genius is treated so often in the present tense meaning at the time it's happening.  let's just take three key words (monumentally unimaginative movie) out of a review of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.  there were many reviews like this at the time BTW because men like Stanley Kubrick threaten the shit out of the drearies as they always have and always will. 

this review begs that one obvious question:  what could possibly be MORE unimaginative than not recognizing sheer audacity and guts ???

i honestly don't know who wrote that review but i want to be a fly on his wall.  i want to live in his head.  i want to listen to the dogma he must have fed his children.  i want to watch him fuck.  i want to meet the sad pathetic woman who actually spread her legs for him and decided that it would be a good idea to procreate and pollute the universe with his sub par seed.  i want to see the most intimate details of his life with transparency so i can come to some/any understanding of how boring and shitty this man must have been that he would come to such a conclusion.

the film 2001: A Space Odyssey showed us that up in the sky there is enough space for each and every one of the ONE HUNDRED BILLION humans who have walked Planet Earth during its entire existence to have enough space to have an entire planet all their own. 

but that's "unimaginative".

(cue Jane's Addiction's Pigs In Zen)

some people should die that's just unconscious knowledge

now go find a Thinning the Herd thesis and read it: TWICE.

not to mention that in 1968 we had no idea what the Earth looked like from any great distance so Stanley Kubrick had to make all those space visuals happen using his imagination.  that famous shot that astronauts took of Earth that everyone instantly recognizes on sight had not yet been published.  to this day those visuals he depicted still look completely stunning 43 FUCKING YEARS LATER.  let's just forget about his use of Strauss' waltz when we travel through space which was franchised by every airline and car commercial for the next 20 years and beyond.  let's just forget that George Lucas used the exact same model techniques to stun the world with Star Wars almost TEN years later.

there's only one reason why (no matter how diplomatic i desperately try to play it at times) i despise mediocrity.  with it comes an excess of opinions and "values" based upon being threatened and/or scared of something they yes THEY do not understand.  perhaps the truth is they understand damn well but to publicly admit that will be certain social death and an admission that they are less than another (even though everyone already knew that beforehand).

they don't realize how much "ahead of your time" costs every one of those pioneers at the time it's happening....this while the "behind the times" mother fuckers are all taking home paychecks for basically being pathetic at just about everything they do.  they'll always be "safe" as long as what they see in the mirror is sitting on the other side of the desk doing the hiring.

and the monkeys get paid while the rest pay for it.

THERE's the "free" ride.  THERE's the "welfare" as well.

Occupy THAT mother fuckers.








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