i wish someone would have already expressed it this way during a fireside chat but if i/you/we think about it the truth justice and American way version of the story is that shitty, plodding, predictable show on CBS with bad actors, bad production & cliche storylines. the real version of the story is that phenomenal series on HBO or Showtime. it's WAY more interesting, twisted, and (for lack of a better word) entertaining.

and that's why the rest of the world will continue to spread that version of the story GUARANTEED.  the misleading version really does suck.  it's a terrible script written by amateurs for amateurs.

that's the biggest crack in the armour.

the weakest link.

the fault responsible for the earthquake.

the breeze that topples the house of cards.

the kryptonite.

i'm so (again for lack of a better word) pleased the rest of the world is now able to be fully aware of the truth about 'Merica via the internet and modern communication technology.  it's about time.  those tired old propangandists never saw this one coming i assure you.

and the Ameri-cons (see the let's do the math section below) will spin that to some self-serving conclusion like "of course they're doing that....see how interesting we are ??" attempting to justify it because they're as deranged as the original story itself.

it's not because they're coming up with some remotely profound card to play it's just another episode in a seemingly endless game of........

monkey see = monkey do

consider it the inevitable by-product of spending too much time on tour with the Circus but it's still just a poorly planned & ineffective line of defense that changes nothing.

of course they'll kill the messenger rather than go after those who have pathologically lied to them time & time again while training them to be sleepwalking idiots.

it reminds me of that tacky bitch on the Springer stage who pulls the other woman's hair rather than kicking a field goal with the balls of the guy who never bothered to inform her he had a wife in the 1st place.

their U.S.A. chant sounds more like this:


now show us those floppy tits ya great big winner you.

so let's do the math:  in one corner we have a sizable but mostly painfully marginal chunk of 318 million people (not even 5% of the world population) who when the rubber really meets the road "stand" for about as much as the most fair-weathered sports fans, who "fight" with Facebook placards and i support our troops bumper stickers, who love to play the hero with thoughts & prayers because they require no real work or effort, who would not even risk their DVD collections let alone anything else if that was the cost for any truly progressive change, who like lost little children alone in the dark think i'm not really political will serve as some magic sheet pulled over the head to protect them from the monster in the closet (as if their acknowledgement is some prerequisite for attack),  who do not make or possess anything the world needs to survive, who in more cases than not can not even maintain their own waistlines or control their cyber-window-shopping mates & phone-stroking like-groveling celebrity-obsessed spawns, as they plot what's for dinner, what's on TV tonight, and what time does my alarm need to *beep* so i can get back to tending the farm as much as anything else, while being dumb enough to think they run this shit with all the other subpar, uneducated, chest-beating, debt-ridden, "we" won, metal sign with the tongue sticking out, loud mouthed, everything's a joke, thank god it's friday, acronym texting, totes adorbs, red Solo cup-wielding knuckleheads at a house/block party or some Buffalo Wild Wings bar.

in the other corner we have an exponentially larger chunk of 6.7+ Billion people around the globe who are not only completely sick of their shit but know ALL ABOUT their debtor nation and the endless boots it licks and lies it spews to pretend those crucial FACTS away.

now it's time to plug our ears as their screeching voices wail that weightless greatest country on earth tune which in & of itself is exclusionary to everyone on Earth & about as charming as some precious cunt who tells all her friends she's the prettiest one at the club.  of course since the Ameri-con losers they mirror taught them they are entitled for no valid reason they're dumb as a rock when it comes to figuring out this very basic concept.  and they're surrounded by such classless idiots they've never heard one of those so-called "friends" utter a peep about it either.

they were probably busy making stupid faces in a photo-tagged circle jerk & patting each other on the back for putting on such stellar performances.  

oh & let's not forget they're bragging about a country that is the biggest threat to world peace on the entire planetwith a central bank that is robbing them every single second of every single day while propping up Wall Street at their expense, with an economy that would begin imploding the second Japan & China (alone) dropped all their U.S. bonds that allow this deadbeat nation to remain afloat, and these PATRIOTS these GENIUSES can not (for the most part) tell you/us a thing about it.

they're so smart and such good people they don't even know it's happening...or (like those people in that infamous Jimmy Kimmel Coachella video who claim how much they LOVE bands that don't even exist) they'll say they do until someone backs them in a corner asking for a lucid explanation and watches them wither in defeat, change the subject, or bust out some emotional manipulation, half-truths, or outright lies they're used to using with morons who can't check facts or follow a story like this from start to finish.

their record will start looping in an endless buck-toothed mouth-breathing Napoleon Dynamite but, uh, but, uh, uh, dude, but, uh skip or they'll back peddle while telling you how/why this action-packed, twisting & turning, facts are stranger than fiction, the villains are winning, truly bizarre screenplay from hell is somehow boring

all talk no walk. 

poetic.  truly fucking poetic.

are you ready to pick your pony yet ??  tough choice isn't it ??? 

if i had one of those people in one hand and my cat in another as they hang over a cliff and i needed to let one go to save the other who do you think is going to hit the rocks below ???  

it would not even be a close contest.

that's like asking if i want some red velvet cake or a slice of dog shit from the bottom of a shoe.  decisions.  decisions.









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