Unlike Brian Eno Lady Gaga is the purr-fect Ameri-con foil.  she's not pretty enough to threaten the women.  as far as the guys go well they fuck such god-awful women that almost ANYONE is hotter & more appealing than that.  plus Gaga's kinda clumsy & awkward like a guy.  those guy-ish elements certainly never hurt with the gay boys either because she DOES look like a tranny.  so she's got all the obvious bases pretty much covered.  it's no wonder in an ever-increasing marginal Amerikkka (& world) why she is so beloved.

i could not have built a better Franken-try-hard myself.

it's so ironic to me that Bette Midler recently complained about Gaga stealing her mermaid in the wheelchair schtick from the 80s.  i've been saying for YEARS that Gaga reminds me of a Bette Midler train wreck.  it's a NYC thing.  i don't know if it's because of the Broadway element or what but post-70s NYC people tend to be very wear their "artistic" heart on their sleeve WAY too dramatic showtune corny people when it comes to the arts.  they're the type of idiots who will list Cleopatra as a "person who inspires them" on Facebook.  THAT shit.

it's not the 70s there anymore.  how do you spell L-O-N-G...G-O-N-E...G-A-M-E...O-V-E-R ????

Madonna was SO New York.  you know that tacky gum chomping Hollywood needed to fix her caterpillar eyebrows while she tells you "i'm a singer wanna hear" & gives you a little demo audition in the middle of the train station even though you never asked.  THAT shit.

but i will add that at least she was good at what she did.  the style shit can/could easily be fixed.  you can weed-whack some big bush A LOT easier than fix a terrible singing voice.

the other NYC people today are the opposite of that Madonna.  look at most of the NYC ex-MySpace celebritarians.  they're all REALLY great at clothes & make-up & standing in front of a camera but whenever they delve into the real arts like music for instance the results are ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ATROCIOUS.  also they need EVERYTHING choreographed because if you leave anything to natural-land it will go to shit quicker than you can say cut.  they need way WAY too much help making their shit go as well.  they could not "produce" themselves out of a bag if left to their own devices.  they always need some behind the scenes geek squad to show them how to do it.

i could list off the top 5 NYC criminals in a second but i'll skip it because i honestly have nothing against any of them personally.  they're amusing in a harmless way anyway.  they all tried to play that Jeffree Star cunt card years ago & when that didn't work each & every one of them is trying to be super swell "i really love all my fans" now.  i guess they probably suck more because of their lack of conviction than anything else.

that & it ain't the same lower east side anymore.

soho's fucked too.

REAL up & coming artists can not afford those places which is why NYC's artistic output sucks the same giant bloated cock as west hollyhood.

before i go let me finish with doing what i always do with my Miss Gaga commentary.  i like her.  i think she's talented but as far as the reasons behind the level of popularity she has achieved i simply call it like i see it because if you REALLY think about it....if she really WAS cool she would tell that shitty part of America that she grovels for with Born This Way to suck her clit, shove their George Bush's straight up their asses, & that each & every one of them can deep-fry their lazy, fat, bigoted asses in a fuck you batter......

besides if little kids like sesame street AND you you're sesame street.

even Marilyn Manson was cooler than that.

you know why Brian Eno is so cool besides that you'll NEVER see him on American Idol ???

go ask your family who he is.




thank GOD for Eno.

that outfit in the picture below was born about 15 years before Gaga's daddy blew his load.

in Satan's name we PREY,



P.S. Gaga....Bjork already covered the Alexander McQueen shit in 1997 and her music doesn't sound like a 90s Tampax commercial either








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