i worked (acting not crew) on a television show at Warner Brothers Studios where Two & A Half Men shot as well for almost 5 months & Charlie Sheen's burgundy Porsche was outside their soundstage EVERY day & on time to boot.  i walked by it on time never late once as well so i know.  those are 7 AM i'm ready at 7:01 call times for all the 9 to 5er's who have to rush to make it on time.  REAL hollywood gets up before them & is already in motion before their asses sip the 1st gulp 'o starbucks.  also time is relative so shove the time zone analogies straight up that proverbial YEP

i saw it with my own two eyes because i'm not a nobody who can't get behind those gates.  that "nobody" part IS crucial because it fully accounts for the discrepancy between my story & the one on the "news"......as well as the interpretation & before you get your panties in a bunch this has nothing to do with whether anyone has worked behind the gates of Warner Bros. call it a figure of speech but did i just suggest that i'm a "somebody" because i have ???

chalk it up as ===> SURE DID (i have tiger blood too)

see: i don't have to make shit up about shit i've never experienced.  experience always trumps assumption as has been widely reported since the beginning of time

"tabloid" is fodder for boring LOSERS with no life so they have to live through the drama of others... a drama they LOVE to create & mold into any/every image that suits their plight.....like ANYTHING could be worse than their sub-par spouses, shit worker bee jobs, drowning in debt bill-paying procedures, & hotdog water stinkin' bastard offspring = figure it out

i know i know they're ALL such a bunch of righteous champs

i'm SO jealous.............

i say if you're going to be a fat ballerina you better hide your tutu in the back of the bottom drawer until you're ready to pull it out or know your true existence on the lower rungs of the ladder of life & shut the fuck up...one or the other NOT you suck at your life AND you get to pass judgment on others.....people may be born equal but they certainly do not end up that way unless you live your life in a Barney-like bubble

see it goes something like this:  if Paris Hilton IS a complete fucking idiot why does she still have more than most & don't say her parents because whether you like it or not that chick makes her own money.  So if she gets a pet name what does that make most of the rest ????  What do we call them ???  What's the stinging pet name for those roaches ???  Don't fret.  They'll find more than a few in this one "note" (a feature most on here NEVER use go look....because no matter why they claim that's so it's because they really have absolutely NOTHING of any real value to say & could not articulate it with any originality if they tried....cue the tabloid)

ugly people sell ugly because that's what ugly people buy & that's exactly why they don't "buy" my unrelenting promotion of more/better than that.  give me an overweight population & i'll serve up Dove's "campaign for real beauty" it's REALLY simple as well as obvious & hey if it is all just maybe-it's-this maybe-it's-that semantics than there should be no problem with me re-naming that a "campaign for fat ugly housewives who need to stop depleting the cotton reserves for self-serving coverage & you all might want to try that Nair stuff down there don't forget the treasure trail & your upper lip too you disgusting back roll Jackson 5 bush sausage casing slobs that nobody in their right mind wants to fuck so that's why you have your Hollywood crushes & your husband beats off to porn"

 (or something like that)

that Dove thing is/was about as potent as me selling prosthetic beer-belly's for a "campaign for real male virility" but that would be repetitive since those guys already have those you'll get this pussy if you drink this beer commercials during football while adding if you do not want to be treated as a second class citizen do not act like one or buy into the bullshit they try to sell

and if you do:  prepare to be sliced like a butterball

but that's exactly the bulk of what's being offered up in the world outside

farce KNOWS dollars & believe me dollars KNOW (make that munch the carpet of) farce.  in the dictionary it's listed as a FARROW (look it up learn a new word)

which poses a variety of questions but none more than this: has "taking things at face value" been conveniently morphed into having a "bad" attitude or needing some rehab of the crumbs ????

i guess my point is.......................

what's worse: an unmarried guy that fully admits to snorting blow & fucking hookers and/or porn stars or some "normal" married chump who plugs his secretary at lunch & then goes home to tuck his rugrats in bed before laying down with his doesn't-know-the-truth wife.  that is MOST DEFINITELY more common than the Charlie Sheen's of the world.  why is THAT average nobody rarely on the evening news ??  Is Mr. McFuckingNobody's story of behind-the-back antics not as entertaining..........is that it ???????????? or is this more of a changing the names of the guilty fodder that serves those everyman nothings who reign in the numbers department ???

ahhhh i think Jed just hit some of that bubblin' crude

(that's the beverly hillbillies for the slow denses dumbfucks out there)

typical common American = i have a severe problem with the truth & i'm going to whine about it like a little bitch on a tantrum bender & if all the other losers just like me agree because it's socially profitable for ME ME ME it should be signed into law & suck the big fat cock of the court of public muffin-top opinion

 Americans live in a fantasy world & try to teach their children the same the irony being that it's all really nightmare induced dogma

 if you watch the documentary Waiting For Superman about American public education you'll see how American children rank #20-something behind the bulk of all the other countries that matter on Earth in proficiency as it relates to education but when asked how well they "think" they did they ranked #1 in the dillusion that they did a great job

 sorry but shit doesn't work that way or maybe SHIT does

 monkey see = monkey do

 or perhaps shit breeds shit

 welcome to life as we know it in 2011.  if you think anything is going to get "better" you definitely are a foolish lost soul who does not understand the statistical real-life ramifications of "freedom". "freedom" = the less-than's will eventually breed like rabbits making the population pool so pathetically inept that they will have to be lead like sheep thus assuring that everyone will be forced to ride their human garbage assembly line like an out-of-control tsunami

 maybe that sounds like some elitist Nazi propaganda to the feel-good-hit-of-the-summer lot but

 a wave is a very VERY powerful force especially when that fucker is husky & deep fried

 it's mother nature's finest destructive hour.  HER way HER will.......NOT mine

 that lot is so stuck in always desperately trying to say & do the right thing for the approval of the "others" that they've rendered themselves impotent anyway.  just watch them on this site.  watch all their trivial little colloquialisms & how many idiots will "like" it on here.  Give people substance...something serious that has some true societal weight & it will be publicly (which means they're still watchin' sneakin' 'round whether they admit it or not)  ignored unless it's served up on a stroke-them gently platter

pass the cheetos charlie (this show is WAY better than yours).








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