actually i didn't but i just Googled that & absolutely nothing came up.

i was thinking about this while asking myself that oft-repeated question these days:  WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM DETECTING THOSE OBVIOUS CLUES RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES ???

Google Todd Beamer's images. it's the SAME 4-5 photos over & over. not ONE person ever posted a blog on some site with his yearbook photo saying "i went to school with Todd Beamer" & yeah i'm not surprised he was a hero because he was a great guy etc etc ? after 10 annual memorials not one Blogger or Word Press or MySpace post ?? not one out of how many hundreds of millions of Facebookers who share everything short of the videos of their colon cleansings ?? not ONE ??????

google that phrase "i went to school with Todd Beamer".

this will be the 1st public post to do so.

i'm not claiming to know the real answer to any of this but i AM saying:

 "Let's roll" to ===> [FLAG]


i checked out of the "real" world a long LONG time ago so much so that you can find literal zeros across my social security statement on more than a few years listed.  but i'm still a U.S. citizen, have a life, a story, & a website so my photos are going to come up sooner or later whether i like it or not.  if someone googles my images they might not know the EVIDENCE that comes up but it's still there. 

Google Carella Ross images. 
there's paintings.  there's CD painted by a friend from Napa another photographed by a friend from Chicago.   there's pictures of me at Studio 11 in Chicago & a couple other a million dollar house in various apartments in both of those cities (at separate times/years).......the photo from Strap-On Sweetie press releases.....a photo from when i worked the door at Toi on Sunset Blvd in Warner Brothers with Matt Perry on the TV show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,  at the infamous Ebb Tide motel in Ocean Beach San Diego, journal entries with my handwriting that can be easily matched, my old Strap-On Sweetie partner Alex comes up....Fred from the liner notes of the Ruthie Roadwhore promo EP is in there from a party i did not even attend......there's pictures of me in Denver....San Francisco....Miami......Las Vegas....New my mother's back yard of a home she does not even own anymore etc etc other words there's a SETTING & TIMELINE that can be corroborated by a long list of people (with the same).

NOTE: this was written years ago so i'm sure some of those photos have disappeared from initial searches (and i'm sure some of the sites that hosted them are gone as well)

if i was an actual real-life participant in the 9/11 story & President Bush publicly praised me over & over & over & everyone "let's roll"ed on my behalf & my girlfriend at the time went on a 200-date book tour & told you about our dogs (i don't have kids like the Beamer's story claims) & my mom preached to the choir at assembly after assembly & my brother too & my teachers & my guitar students at Naperville Music (along with the 2 original owners of that store who can vouch for me) & my old music manager & other bosses & the pastors i would debate with at church in junior high and and and "google" would be OFF THE FUCKING CHART.  sure "Todd Beamer" is/was supposed to be a regular guy a.k.a. WAY more boring than that but........ 

and there's more:  he was only a few years older than i am.  initially "his" story entered my radar closer to home than the general public's because of where he was supposedly from.  the official story states that Todd Beamer went to Wheaton Academy AND Wheaton College.  coincidentally my mother's office was in downtown Wheaton (IL) for over a decadei had a long-term girlfriend from Wheaton.  i knew that SMALL SUBURBAN community well.....still do.   in fact how much they were always up each other's asses always irritated me.  regardless i've been asking them for over a decade if any of them know who the hell Todd Beamer is.  i'll let you know when i run into even ONE of them who does.  John Belushi was from Wheaton.  they all know who he is.  what's the problem here ???  oh right..right...Todd Beamer is/was not "famous" or is he ??  i guess something as simple as "i did not know him personally but yes i remember that guy" is just too much of a stretch.

are you getting my drift yet ??????????  because i still left a HUNDRED things out.  or maybe we should just be good lil patriots (or is it nationalized idiots ??) and put blind faith in a story like this with so many obvious and telling GAPS.

i guess i/we should just accept that "Todd Beamer" is some great BIG hero we just will not be able to google it.  he just doesn't have any worthwhile public cyber proof of it i guess. 

while never forgetting ===> "Todd Beamer High School" ain't Todd Beamer folks.


Added by Moderator: This article is credited to Oxford82 at CBS 21. (this link does not exist anymore...hmmm...wonder why ????  anyway everything copied and pasted below was from there the day i initially posted this in Dec. 2011)

According to the official story of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, Todd Beamer and Mark Bingham fought terrorists on United Airlines Flight 93 and forced that plane to crash in Pennsylvania.

However, I have discovered that United 93 is not the only connection between Beamer and Bingham.


First of all, Beamer and Bingham went to high school together. Specifically, they attended Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, a town in northern California.

Mark Bingham attended Los Gatos High School for 4 years, from 1984 to 1988.

Todd Beamer attended Los Gatos High School during the 1986-1987 school year, which was his senior year.

So, for 1 year, Beamer and Bingham went to high school together.


Todd Beamer and Mark Bingham are also connected via the business world.
Specifically, they are both connected to a man named Eric Benhamou.

Mark Bingham graduated from college in 1993, and his own company opened for business in 1999. For some period of time between the 1993 graduation and the 1999 opening, Bingham worked for 3Com Corporation.

The CEO of 3Com from September 1990 to December 31, 2000, was Eric Benhamou.

Thus, Benhamou was the CEO during Mark Bingham's employment at 3Com.

Now, did Benhamou and Bingham know each other personally? Well, if you look at the news database Factiva (available at public libraries), you will find two 3Com press releases, one from September 2, 1999, and the other from October 11, 1999. These press releases appeared in the publication known as Business Wire. If you look at the bottom of each press release, you will see Mark Bingham's name and phone number listed in the "contact" section. So, Bingham was a press secretary for 3Com, just as Tony Snow was the press secretary of the White House. So, just as we are sure that Tony Snow personally knew the people in charge of the White House (Bush, Cheney, etc.), we can be sure that Bingham personally knew Benhamou.

In addition to working for 3Com, Mr. Benhamou was a member of the Board of Directors of the company known as Legato Systems.

Benhamou was appointed to Legato's Board of Directors in 1993.

Benhamou was on Legato's Board as late as September 2001.

David Beamer, Todd Beamer's father, was appointed Legato Systems's executive vice president of worldwide sales in January 2001.

David Beamer was appointed chief operating officer (COO) of Legato Systems in February 2002.

Thus, David Beamer and Eric Benhamou worked at Legato at the same time for at least 9 months (from January 2001 to September 2001).

Furthermore, during those 9 months, Benhamou had the high rank of member of the Board of Directors, and David Beamer had the high rank of executive vice president of worldwide sales. Thus, it is very probable that Eric Benhamou and David Beamer knew each other personally.

So, Eric Benhamou worked with Mark Bingham and with David Beamer, Todd's father.


Also, Mr. Benhamou has many ties to Israel.

There is another passenger from United Airlines Flight 93 that should be noted, and that is Nicole Miller. At the time of 9/11, Nicole was a student at West Valley College in northern California. Alice Hoglan, Mark Bingham's mother, was also a student at West Valley College at the time of 9/11.

So, Todd Beamer has ties to Mark Bingham, and Mark Bingham has ties to Nicole Miller.

WHY WAS NONE OF THIS MENTIONED ?? YA KNOW....2 OLD BUDDIES MAKE GOOD...BATMAN & ROBIN.....THE DYNAMIC DUO...THAT KINDA SHIT......yet only Todd's name was singled out by the press and "official story".








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