everyone has an internet age he/she can't hide.

it's stamped on that cyber forehead.

and if you think you're fooling anyone who matters go look at a 6th grade kid having a smoke and tell me if he "looks like an adult" or if (of course) he just looks like a 6th grade kid having a smoke.

if you joined MySpace or FaceBook in let's say 2007 and before that you were one of those people whereby someone would email you and you would finally see it 3 weeks later because that's how cyber-savvy you truly were at that point.....

you're ===> 7 years old.

no button on a phone in 2014 is somehow going to magically change that.

so when someone who is 20 sees you acting like a child, points out how you're acting like a child, and of course does not act like your version of that cyber child and you do not get that while whining about the realities of this completely natural evolutionary process like a child here's the reason why ====> YOU'RE A CHILD.

oh and even if you have been online for 20 years but you've never had your own place (a.k.a. www.your-name-here.com website) that you pay for with your own money...in internet terms...you still live at home with your parents or you're the 20-year-old-internet virgin.

take your pick.

i don't speak much cracker but i believe they call this...........


unless you're SO fucking punk rock that you've never even been online before and in that case you are cooler than all of us.  i'm sorry you'll never see this.

and hey just like any little kid you can rule the playground at your grade school all day every day but once you step into the big boy/girl ring it's going to be a different story.

there won't be a FaceBook mommie with an iPhone and a like button to wipe your ass for you anymore. she won't be there to lie to you and tell you you did GREAT even though she knows you completely sucked.

learn about fraternal order. look it up if you have to.

you've probably got a smart phone on you now.

why don't you use it for something other than LOLs and "just sayin" after lame 7-year-old attempts at humor and friggins and all those stupid fuckin' smiley faces we see them type and then maybe when you're a grown up as well you can join the rest of us aspiring to a much more fulfilled and rounded internet life than that.

getting real about what is going on in this country and what a scumbag the President of U.S. Inc. is required to be instead of worrying about all the moms and dads grounding your like button would be an excellent place to start.

just sayin'.....right ???

[insert heart thing here] and *KISSES* and a f*ck and a sh*t and how about a YOUR STUPID just to send a shout-out to all the brain-dead retards out there who have not only polluted the online gene pool but have pissed on that once highly regarded craft known as SPELLING as well.

B--R--A--K--E ??  that's in your car dum-my.

if you didn't get that last joke read those 7-year-old parts again.....









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