if you think the U.S. government has any compassion or places any value on human life just look at the many atrocities it perpetuated against innocent Panamanian civilians in 1989. i know i know none of this is supposed to "count" anymore because after all it was TWENTY WHOLE YEARS AGO. i know it's a proverbial millenium of light years away. fuck did they even have indoor plumbing back then ???

since we reside with so many worthless sleepwalking drones next door, in our government, in the media, even in our own homes most probably could not even tell you any story at any great length about what President (Daddy) Bush perpetuated in Panama....against Noriega a man who was on his C.I.A. payroll for years ($100,000 of OUR tax dollars each year). Daddy Bush never had any problem looking the other way regarding his drug business as long as he was helping him trade the Sandanistas guns for drugs (that they brought back to the states & sold for profit right through Clinton's state & beyond by the way). Bush didn't have a problem with Noriega until he as well as EVERY other central American leader throughout the region stopped "playing ball", met, & decided enough was enough with American interference in their region. Also they were not going to allow America to renege on the treaty PRESIDENT CARTER signed to give them back the Panamanian canal region at noon on December 31st 1999.

so what did Daddy Bush & our Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney order ??? they sent 20,000 troops down to a tiny country to destroy & loot the place. they even used experimental weapons like lazers & other over-the-top methods in terms of absolute unneeded brute force. you look at pictures of some of the victims & they were literally melted like butter.

At the time the U.S. government (& the media who sucked their cocks) tried to claim that there were only 250 Panamanian civilians killed when the United Nations (with the lowest reported number) estimated that it was at least 2500......not forgetting that ONE is too many. more realistic estimates based on missing persons reports by people who actually lived there were 4000+. in other words at least as many or MORE THAN 9/11. the scary part is those are "small" time figures for America when we add Korea, Viet Nam, & Iraq to the mix.  Let's never forget all the Indians & African Americans who lost their lives right here in the "land of the free" either.

the Association of the Dead in Panama identified at least 15 mass graves....people who were hastily rounded up & piled into ditches by U.S. military before camera crews could document what was going on. Later after the insurgence and after the U.S. had raped their homeland TO GET ONE "BAD" GUY Panamanian citizens had to dig up these bodies themselves. In those graves they found numerous children & teenagers, pregnant women, & senior citizens 60 years of age & older. within the bodies were found people in casts, people with their hands handcuffed behind their backs, as well as multiple victims who died as a result of gunshots to the back of their heads.

if you think it was just one isolated incident you're a fool or a liar with an agenda. the graves were found throughout the ENTIRE country spread out in every region possible. in fact they could not investigate any of the other suspected mass graves because they were on land occupied by our military bases.

Multiple witnesses told stories of OUR military driving tanks over the dead bodies in the streets.

NO RESPECT but we should give some inbred cousin fucker named Joe-Bob from Texas "respect" because he has a gun & a G.I. Joe outfit he never grew out of ??  what would you want to do to a Panamanian soldier if he came here to "get" Bush & along the way murdered your relative ??  how about if it was someone that didn't even vote for or support Bush ???  how much more could one spit on a grave ??????

the Panamanian survivors of the "minimal collateral damage" (a.k.a. 20,000 people who lost their homes to bombs & fires deliberately set by our troops) were rounded up & placed in huge hangers where they were "provided" a 10 X 10 cubicle consisting of 4 boards & some cots for families of 4-5 or more. a bulk of the people "resided" there for more than a year. even the poorest of those people went from 2-3 meals a day to 1 if they were lucky besides that quickly forgotten thing called WHERE DO THEY COOK IT & HOW ??? what about water ?? what about going to the bathroom ?? changing a baby's diaper ?? also go take a poll of the health issues of all of your neighbors. just start on your street & the couple around you & figure out how they will be taken care of in a setting like that.  does anyone need insulin ??  a humidifier ??  allergies ???


i guess it's like father like son for those cocksucking bastards.








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