I love Live To Tell & Oh FatherThose are my 2 favorites.  I never commented on it a few months ago when it happened but she's ruining her legacy with shit like that Bitch I'm Madonna.... At least until she's gone.  That's SO bad it's shocking.  She's in her fat Elvis stage.

seriously... I couldn't decide who has been worse for the last (almost) 30 years.... Prince or David Bowie and then she swoops in and kicks both their asses with one truly atrocious track.  Unbelievably awful.  Someone should have kidnapped her... Duct taped her to a chair in a cabin in the woods.... Threw the master tape or computer it was recorded on in the fireplace... And given her a long "Jesus christ what the fuck has happened to you ???" motivational speech.

Oh and everyone who made a cameo in this video should be shot or at least beaten to a slight pulp.

It would not be so bad if it was not in THIS world.  She's chasing something that's shit anyway and she should know better than to be a reflection of "NOW".  it shows just how potent her 'Merican disease is.  you can have all the obvious symptoms staring back at you in the mirror and not even have a fuckin' clue you're sick.
A couple days ago Obama "tweeted" some science geek kid saying "he should bring his clock invention to the White House so more kids think science is cool"...and ALL these fuckin' sleepwalking imbeciles responded with "see what a great guy he is ??" because they're THAT dumb.  It's like if I help rape your daughter's entire future but I compliment her Lego creation and a bunch of well-trained (and mindless)monkeys applaud and some figurative eyes get teary for their CONquering hero.  it's PATHETIC.
I mean who is slow enough to not be able to see through a mob boss handing out free turkeys on Thanksgiving ???  That requires a special kind of:
No REAL artist with a functioning brain does not despise that mentality, those people, and he/she would certainly NEVER waste a millisecond of time seeking their approval. We'll be long gone (un)fortunately but time will prove we are witnessing the absolute shit of all human life right now....and I don't think it's bottomed out yet by any means....There's definitely more to go further down the rabbit hole but this "America" is as low as it will get.  Never again with more advantages at their disposal will humans be SO worthless, ignorant, and truly mediocre while thinking they're entitled at the same time.  And idiots like the Kardashians,  each and every overpaid sports moron like Lebron James,  and all the Taylor Swifts Madonna's trying to keep pace with are benchmarks for that shit tribe.
Madonna (or more like this Madge character) is SUCH a joke the irony of Bitch I'm Madonna completely eludes herThat "bitch" should be kickin' it in Bermuda sippin' champagne and having her pussy eaten each and every hour, on the hour,  while someone brushes her hair and makes her lunch.
or go read some more books.  that would work as well....the truth is never far behind you kept it hidden well hope i live to the tell.........








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