MEMORIES: honestly i was a bit wasted backstage during this performance.  that crowd noise is fake.  gotta love TV. 

anna nicole smith & velvet revolver were there, pamela & tommy lee, michael douglas, kanye, usher, alecia keys, outkast, whoever else.  one of the interesting things to see was how Pamela Anderson ceased to exist the moment Anna Nicole made her entrance.  she had just lost the weight.  she was GIANT.  i saw her flip that switch that she turned on when there was an audience.  suddenly it all made sense to me.  she was our Marilyn complete with the head back now i put on my sexy mouth with one high heeled leg exposed thing she did. she was a true show(wo)man. of course following her around like a puppy was that Howard Stern lawyer guy. 

whitney houston was crack is whacked out of her mind but made an UN-BE-FUCKING-LIEVABLE recovery once that camera was on her. one minute she was freaking the fuck out on some P.A. for a Coke (a-cola) & the next minute she was singing her ass off.  this show was supposed to be the catalyst for her great big comeback but that never came to be because she's a nightmare.  

anyway i gained a new respect for Avril that night.  i just watched this again to see if it was as i remembered & for the most part it is/was.  i kind of felt bad for her because everyone was ignoring her that night.  she's a more than decent singer & can pull it off without the backing track security blanket of many of her peers but unfortunately everyone just treated her like a kid...probably still do...and JESUS is she tiny.  her guitar wasn't plugged in though but i'll give her a pass on that one. 

this was the 1st year the awards were in Las Vegas. They were always held in Monoco but the wife of the president of the awards company that ran these shows & the emmys & whatever else made some drunken joke on stage the year before about wanting to dyke out with the princess of Monaco. she was a cool lady....the drunk one i mean. fuck Monaco & that twat princess if she couldn't take a joke....but going from Monaco to Las Vegas was like going from the palace to the gutter which is probably best. 

i called one of the production manager chicks a cunt (because she was) & she fucking started crying....with this shaky lower lip "you think i'm a cunt?" thing.... i kinda felt bad for a minute....thought maybe i might get gonged until a group of people including Dick Clark's son one of the production company's higher ups came & patted me on the back while cracking up. i found out noone else was a fan either. 

i really liked Usher's limo driver.  he had given me a ride earlier to go pick up some tacos. later i went out back & got stoned with him in the parking lot behind the Thomas & Mack center. he told me Usher was in the car getting blown by a hooker on the way over from the airport only problem is the airport is across the street so he must have (hopefully) needed a little more time. he had supposedly just started dating Naomi Campbell.  i think that lasted about a couple minutes.  wonder why ??

TRUE STORY EVERY FUCKING WORD with a hahafuckin'ha to boot noting that one of the things i've witnessed with my own 2 eyes over the years is that the "stars" like to play the public into believing that everything in the Enquirer is complete fiction when most times it's true or not far from it i.e. facts are stranger than fiction.  at times you can't make this shit up or more like there's no reason to.  they'll come up with something better than what you/i/we could have imagined.  the bad parenting handbook reverberates everywhere regardless of income, background, or media hype.

the rest of the night was 10x's more fun even though the specifics seem to elude me at this point....DAMN i miss that town.  dr feelgood will trade you a prescription pad if you'll just find someone to get him some cocaine on the down low.  what a blur.








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