these note cards layer the walls of my recording studio to remind me of all the things i love and hate and whatever else in between.....

can't even remember why i wrote it down or from where but it's probably a hybrid of herding philosophies presented by men like Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, George Creel and all the rest of their minions who have been training the American mind for over a century.

the American consumer = thank these men.

the way they sell war = thank these men.

TV ads that play to irrational desires rather than the quality of the goods being sold = thank these men.

the reason they know what (P)ublic (R)elations are but have no idea about the where, when, or why it came from = thank these men.

what people mistakenly think they're voting for or how and why they're sure they have "democracy" all figured out = thank these men.

that libtard v/s teabagger war = thank these men.

the way Americans lose track of things through effective bombardment and are REALLY bad at staying on topic = thank these men.

the way they attack the messenger = thank these men.

that little *beep* on their phones and Facebook pages that makes them jump to attention like Pavlov's dog or lab rats waiting for another reward = thank these men.

and yet if you quizzed them about [just] those 3 men 95% or more would flunk with flying colors. they know absolutely nothing about the men who literally wrote the rule book.

(which leads to one i forgot) the way they play the role of experts before ever completing any valid research = thank these men.


it's no wonder the term knuckleheads comes to mind.

it's the drivel of century old well-trained dogs who think a "pffft C'MON DUDE" is all it takes to win the "debate" no one with a brain is trying to "win" anyway......especially since that's just more well-trained dog territory.

it's too far gone now.

far too many of our neighbors are lost like pets in a tsunami at this point.

it's sad and pathetic.

they might as well get back to figuring out what's for dinner and what's on TV tonight a.k.a. WHERE THEIR SKILL SETS ACTUALLY RESIDE.








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