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here's a simple analogy of how propaganda & spin works in modern America: it goes something no make that EXACTLY like this.

the U.S. government reports that John Smith, a hero to all who knew him even though not one person who knew him will be reported saying anything about him, chokes to death on Jello in an apparent "terrorist attack" by some dark-haired man with a frizzy beard wearing some sort of cloth on his head & body along with any pair of dirty worn-out sandals.   they'll show a picture of this foreign man but unlike Kirstie Alley's fat ass on Dancing With The Stars each week we will be unable to ever positively identify who this man is, where he works, where his address can be found in a phone book or some other public record,  that his given name matches the photograph provided, or as a general public verify that this person is actually still living, breathing, & roaming the earth somewhere anywhere.  even though we'll be able to find out with ease who Ms. Alley might have been dating that week we'll never see any wife or children or parents or any friend who might speak out to defend this man.  Not ONE.  we will never see ONE person who will verify that this man ever existed....not even that one nosey neighbor that comes out & says, "I always knew he was a crazy fuck...there was something not right about him....he tried to choke ME with jello once but i escaped like a ninja" " etc etc etc  even though this same American public has even seen Jeffrey Dahmer's poor helpless conservative parents step up to the plate & give up their anonymity in defense of their butt-fuckin' dick-suckin' cannibalistic serial killer son. 
perhaps we are to assume that foreign man is one of those loner rebel without a cause "can't be tied down to one bird" (with dick swingin') middle-eastern bachelors that are all-too-common these days.

now beyond ALL THAT independent scientific food experts will universally report that regardless of whether the man in the picture is a terrorist or not.......that no man, woman, child, or any living creature in the history of man has ever died choking to death on jello.  they'll break down the weak consistency of jello while comparing it to the strength of human throat muscles & render this an absolute impossibility.  they'll show statistics & graphs to help highlight their findings for the general public.  they'll express that YES you will cough like a mother fucker like when 7-UP goes down the wrong tube but it could never be fatal.  in their logical educated minds they will conclude that at least THAT part of the story is absolutely false & provide that free information for the public at large doing so on their own time with no motive for profit or glory.

[meanwhile at the social networking sites] every nobody loser in North America (with no original material of their own) is already pontificating on what "we" should do to the bearded man that doesn't exist & what a hero non-existent John Smith is on cyber repeat of course sending out their they-don't-even-go-to-church "prayers" & "thoughts" for his "family" & "loved ones" & whatever other meaningless emtpy bullshit that will get them a bunch of "like"'s from all the other nobodies just like them who have nothing original to say either.  a small percentage of wiser souls on these sites will express their doubts regarding the story of course receiving zero "like"'s from all the nobodies.  the nobodies will do their convenient math & think that because they're part of the worthless mass a.k.a. the bulk of this nation that the numbers do not lie i.e. the largest number always wins i.e. they MUST be right & of course ANYONE expressing ANYTHING but their exact empty drivel is wrong.  then they'll take it a step further suggesting that anyone who does not believe that John Smith died from choking on jello is an unpatriotic un-American loudmouth traitor with a poor attitude & a wild sense of imagination:  this coming from a majority that barely made it out of high school & have problems following instructions on putting together an entertainment center or setting the time on their DVD player...that is if they're not already busy on the Maury Povich show trying to figure out which guy on their high school football team fathered their 2-year-old (& maybe the 3-year-old too) because the last 4 times they were on the show they went home (still) clueless.

& before they know it enough days will go by that they will forget the whole ordeal & move on to the next piece of drama at hand in between time spent with their ugly spouse, their shitty job, & their loser offspring.

2 + 2 = 5 with these idiots








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