written by Jean Vallely for Rolling Stone magazine (November 1st 1979)

originally posted on The Current July 19, 2016

I love books, but man, do I LOVE rock magazines. My mail carrier most likely hates my guts.

New Musical Express OCTOBER 13, 1973 - by Nick Kent

livin' out of a suitcase is a concept shamefully foreign to most.

oh & just a P.S. for all those whiny cunts babbling that tired predictable 

Hate, Misogyny, Racism, & Xenophobia script.....

this song will always be the soundtrack to one of my favorite memories with random strangers in Hollywood.


2015 + "15 year plan" = Agenda 2030.


I love Live To Tell & Oh FatherThose are my 2 favorites.  But she's ruining her legacy with shit like that Bitch I'm Madonna.... At least until she's gone.  That's SO bad it's shocking.  She's in her fat Elvis stage. 

that's definitely an interesting drug.

in small doses it's just your friendly neighborhood dissociative.

i'd like to add this chapter of my book for that dwindling minority who still do not understand my position when it comes to this man.

once upon a time in a land before MySpace there was one crazy FUCKED UP summer but this time it's real and not a John Cusack movie









i wish this copy was better quality but this is just SO hard to find now unless you want to order a digital version from Amazon.




just for the hell of it let's do a little social commentary math regarding ABOUT ME sections of "fan pages" with "fan art" in 2014.


i know i'm a complete asshole for even having one but..... 

i'm not going to link to this for obvious reasons. 

*pets good lil puppy who shit in the right corner*



this is the infamous front lawn of a Vietnam Vet in the Moecherville (pronounced Mokerville) section of Aurora IL.

how is it that EVERY SINGLE ONE of my foreign friends speaking and typing English as a 2nd (if not 3rd or 4th) language know how to spell YOU'RE properly but an insane amount of lazy uneducated Ameri-con idiots can not seem to figure it out ???


OK World Wide Web your assignment for the week is to begin writing your heartfelt eulogies for Iggy Pop and David Bowie.












i've been saying it for years: if the check-outs in Hollywood's grocery stores were STOCKED with rags like Average Fuck Weekly, Them Magazine, Non-Star, and they were filled with pictorials of how AWFUL most American men and women look....




you must be out of your fucking mind.

the answer is Commercial Bank money.  when banks issue loans to the public they create new commercial bank money.  when a customer repays a loan the commercial bank money is destroyed & the banks keep the interest as profit.
in plain English:  they're not loaning YOUR money which is EXACTLY why you think you are giving it to them.  NOTE:  isn't it BIZARRE that most people would not give their money to a friend to hold yet they've been trained that it is completely normal to do the same with complete strangers who are deliberately deceiving them ??
most people think of banks in terms of that piggy bank scenario bank they held as children.  you put money in and it holds it but to think the same of a commercial bank is truly "childish".
anyone who does business with commercial banks for ANY reason (including a simple savings account) is part of the problem.
when you ask "why am i making less ??  why does everything cost more & more ??"
sure part of the answer is commercial banks BUT the rest of the answer is mostly likely staring back at you in your mirror.

the answer is Commercial Bank money.


actually this will probably go down like everything else ==> some "public" who has never supported him anyway will feign outrage about it...quickly and easily forget about it as soon as the next "drama" rears its ugly head....and he will "go" nowhere except for exactly where he is.
fuck...he's just building that predictable "comeback kid" card.  "oh i was young and dumb THEN but i repent my sins blah blah blah".
i can hear it now.



look up "normalcy bias" and read it TWICE.

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as it relates to the outside world i always tread cautiously this time of year.  it's 4 months into that inevitable and predictable post-Xmas lull......




$1 in 1913 required $21.60 in 2007 to match it....a 96% devaluation meaning it WAS worth 4 cents. $15/hour meant you literally made 60 cents 5 years ago. now it's.....






this is not conjecture by "normal" everyday citizens. it is only structural engineers, architects, and others in related scientific fields...but it also covers the psychology with doctors who explain why it is so common for some to still deny something that is as obvious as the noses on their faces.


the PEOPLE of America may in fact be generalized as "noble" but America is certainly not.



want attention ??





there is no substitute

some see music as trivial.  i do not.  popular culture is one of the most direct and immediate reflections of the society we live in and we've reached a point where we have a generation whose bands are the ugliest jokes we're ever seen and heard to date.


it's so odd growing up and then living in a so-called "manly" culture of men who primarily have zero access to the most beautiful women in the world.......

i guess i could go back to before MySpace but i'll just start there because it's all the same dialogue anyway...besides i'm going to keep this relatively short because i do not feel like writing a thesis right now.

today i saw this on FagBook for the 10th time or so.  all those people that posted it were on my friends list but i want to assure you that this is directed at none of them but at the public at LARGE (key word).

bring back CBGB's ??????



let's not kid ourselves....more than ever in music people only want to support what they see in the mirror.  

Go back 40 years & do the research.


(not going for a complete list here by any means but...) If you think L.A. bands are all plastic what about Tool ??? Rage Against The Machine ??

in 1996 Clinton signed the Telecommunication Act which completely eliminated the rules of how many channels or stations one entity could own. before 1996 large corporations controlled less than 65 radio stations....& now we have one company like Clear Channel who owns about 1200 of them

actually i didn't but i just Googled that & absolutely nothing came up

if you think the U.S. government has any compassion or places any value on human life just look to the many atrocities it perpetuated against innocent Panamanian civilians in 1989.

this video reinforces FOUR concepts:

(i originally wrote this for the A.C.L.U. website)

The Patriot Act was 300 pages long & weighed as much or more than a baby. It was printed at 3AM & it was required that representitives vote for it that same day at 11AM. Why ??




MEMORIES: honestly i was a bit wasted backstage during this performance....anna nicole smith & velvet revolver were there......

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before i begin.  don't get me wrong.  i COMPLETELY support the progressive movement/unrest that is brewing right now.  but there's SO much more to it (including what the "other" side has to say about it as well).  anyway.....

this is the sheer essence of how genius is treated so often in the present tense meaning at the time it's happening.  let's just take three key words (monumentally unimaginative movie) out of a review of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

i've seen it so many times but it's still so SO odd.  i go to this nice little restaurant across from my building.......

i'll tell you all about the "sanctity" of most marriages.  it can be defined by one very evident very relevant ABUNDANTLY COMMON aspect of most marriages.  the general rule goes like this for most:  once you've got that ring on the finger you no longer have to make any effort to be attractive.  you're now free to look like shit, gain as much weight as you want, & generally be a pale version of that former self that showed up on that 1st date way back when.

as Freud suggested we all have suppressed emotions whether they be mental, verbal or even sexual & that we should in essence blurt them out with zero regard for censorship. 

QUESTION:  Who was the one band that packed CBGB's more than any other other band in its entire history (not to mention the longest lines around the block that the place would ever see) ???

so i'm at this party in west hollywood.  in walks this typically predictable white chick slingin' the low waist jeans with the slightly belled (& of course slightly long) bottoms, some lacy black top with the spaghetti straps, & heels that are obviously an inch or three higher than the flip-flops, flats, or sports shoes she's used to wearing when the camera isn't on.  yep she's got her unoriginal like all the other white American cunts uniform on:  check, check, & check. 


women (mostly American) are supposedly in an "uproar" over this 10-year-old appearing in French Vogue this month.

i was lucky to have this incredible mentor when i was 19.  not only was it a woman but she was close to 60 years old at the time.  i met her the day i walked into her class in my 2nd year of college.  she only taught that one class because she owned a legendary recording and rehearsal studio.  she was also a political columnist writing with a jewish nom de plume because "she always wanted to be jewish".  i'll skip stating her name because of part of the story.



and it's a quick one ===>



Unlike Brian Eno Lady Gaga is the purr-fect Ameri-con foil.  she's not pretty enough to threaten the women.  as far as the guys go well they fuck such god-awful women that almost ANYONE is hotter & more appealing than that.

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On the student riots: "I loved it, man. I'm into the violent side of it. I thought it made for fucking great TV. I still think they should get a fucking job, though. But I'm into people getting wound up about things. It's better than being fucking dead, innit?" (NME, December 2010).

being around me & expecting me to have zero commentary about modern Amerikkka & its minion of fat, ugly, shitty purveyors of the "dream"is like inviting Jesse Jackson over for Sunday brunch & expecting him to never once mention God.

Vincent Gallo: Uh-huh. I have no publicist, no agent, no manager, no lawyer, no assistant, no helper, no stylist, no intern, no maid, no gardener, nothing. Oh, I have a dentist. I had a shrink but he died 9 years ago, right when I needed him most. As for friends I have one. She’s a girl. I like her a whole lot though she is a passive aggressive, makes a lot of excuses, and plays dumb.

no thanks.  i do not want to be in your tagged Fagbook photo at the bar making stupid faces with the rest of the useless morons.  i do not want to be in your video at the show either.  i want to watch it.  enjoy the moment.  if i want to pretend i'm a cameraman for an afternoon i'll go on a tour of a film school (or some shit) or better yet: i'll actually BE one & cash the check.





What is heroin? It amounts to a concentrated, injectable form of opium.




Whenever I talk to a band who are about to sign with a major label, I always end up thinking of them in a particular context. I imagine a trench, about four feet wide and five feet deep, maybe sixty yards long, filled with runny, decaying shit.

i was watching Donnie Darko once again.  i can really appreciate the Jesus narrative.  the notion of giving his life so that he can save others, namely Gretchen, but also a few other unsavory characters that definitely needed  "saving".  





KLF - The Manual is the famous book by the KLF which describes how to get a number one hit. Written by Bill Drummund and Jimmy Cauty, who have become famous as The KLF, The Manual teaches you everything you'll need to know to be successful in the music business. The printed edition is no longer available, but you can read The Manual right here, right now, so enjoy it and learn from it.

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Americans should look at the tags on their clothes right now....mine say:

SHIRT: made in Mexico

quick point: I think part of the stereotype of who & who is not a “slut” is perpetuated by women more than ever as well. The typical body type out there is AT LEAST 15-20 pounds heavier & when I see deliberate rule/game changers like Dove’s campaign for “real” beauty I know that means I’m at the crosswalk for the next set of insecurity-based societal issues….so the more those women cover up the more the other women are going to appear “uncovered”. I’ve seen it time & time again where just being desired in any way shape or form is grounds for being a “slut” at this point. It was not so generally like that 15-20 years ago: not even close.

We desperately need more originality more potent unique voices especially in this Facebook era where the YOU'RE JUST LIKE ME factor derails those concepts

so often we hear all this shit about corporations this corporations that because for most people they have nothing more interesting to say. in other words that's just where all the other sheep happened to be walking while they were playing the "rebel" (too bad they forget their director yells CUT at some point) & they quickly fall back into who they really are.

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here's a simple analogy of how propaganda & spin works in modern America: it goes something no make that EXACTLY like this.

the U.S. government reports that John Smith, a hero to all who knew him even though not one person who knew him will be reported saying anything about him, chokes to death on Jello in an apparent "terrorist attack" by some dark-haired man with a frizzy beard wearing some sort of cloth on his head & body along with any pair of dirty worn-out sandals.

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i've really REALLY enjoyed my time alone this year.  i'm living alone for the 1st time in years.  i've lived a higher more privileged existence this year more than any other in the last 10 years of my adult life.  i honestly want for so little.  i'm lucky like that at this point.  

OK let's 1st dispense with the usual disclaimer:  there's no gay-bashing here so read on before you stick those self-righteous ploys in your gloryhole & suck 'em (watch the teeth). 

violence in America is actually decreasing in every group except for one:

teenage to early 20-something GIRLS

i've been around a variety of bands lately because my building is mostly inhabited by "artists". nearly every evening i hear them practicing downstairs attempting to polish their wears.  most of them are average to below average but that's nothing new.  it's always been that way & will always be.  call it the nature of any beast that allows anyone to participate in any given form a.k.a not ALL elitist views on society are "evil".  ANYWAY....the one thing i'm most struck by is how bad they look.....

c'mon do we REALLY need to lie about it ??


i worked (acting not crew) on a television show at Warner Brothers Studios where Two & A Half Men shot as well for almost 5 months...... 

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music as an industry is going to continue to reside in the gutter until more of you start caring for it properly again.  it's so PURR-fect that the Ameri-con way has sold so many on the notion that it's pointless to drop $10 on music but don't worry about doing the same thing at McDonald's a few times a week for glorified dog food.  that's COMPLETELY normal.


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